Organization of protests in Iran by foreign countries is out of question

Politics Materials 24 June 2009 09:22 (UTC +04:00)
Organization of protests in Iran by foreign countries is out of question

Azerbaijan, Baku, June 23 / Trend , D. Khatinoglu, T. Konyaeva /

Despite the fact that the Western media covered the events in Iran, and despite the criticism of the West of the Iranian authorities, the organization of protest actions in connection with the presidential election from the western countries is out of question.

"The organization of numerous protests in Iran by foreign countries is ruled out. Musevi and Karroubi are committed to the existing regime," - Ex-Vice President Mohammad Ali Rajai Mohsen Sazegara said to Trend .

Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr  Mottaki accused Western countries in the clashes in Iran. According to the information of Mehr agency distributed on 22 June, Foreign Minister unequivocally accused the UK in breach of the rule of law in Iran, and BBC TV and Radio Corporatopn - in inciting the Iranian people to the disorder. Relations with Great Britain will be revised, a member of the safety of Iranian parliament Kazem Jalali said Trend on Monday.
The accusation by the Iran of western countries in an unstable situation and the organization of terrorist acts in the country is not for the first time. Earlier, the official Tehran has repeatedly accused the West of supporting terrorist groups Jundollah operating in the south-east of western Iran, the Iranian branch of the Kurdish terrorist organization PEJAK and the organization of the People's Mujahideen operating in Iraq.

According to a member of the Berlin Research Center, Iranian political scientist Mehran Barati, Islamic Republic of Iran has always made such statements.

"Currently, similar declaration by Iran voiced in another form. In the UK, BBC channel broadcasting in Farsi has opened. The Iranian people may share their

views and videos through this channel. The government of Iran is concerned that information about the internal affairs of the country distributed abroad. That is

why there was an accusation against the UK," Barati said in a telephone conversation from Berlin on Monday.

In his view, one country can spy to another, but the organization of the people's movement in another country is ruled out.

Mottaki assured that British agents were sent to Iran with Boeing 747, but does not specify the status of these agents at this time.

Head of Iran National Interests Protection Organization Saeed Yari told Trend , that the Council of Europe excluded the People's Mujahideen from the list of terrorist organizations four months ago. According to Yari, now the official London provides certain members of the organization with foreign passports and sent them to spy in Iran. But there is no information or evidences of this in media, Yari said.

Organization of the People's Mujahideen has been conducting armed struggle against the official Tehran since the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war. After fall of the regime of Saddam Hossein armed forces of United States detained 3000 Mujahideen under the control in Ashraf Camp in Iraq, but many members of the organization were granted asylum in European countries.

"During the recent events (collisions in Iran) there were found traces of the members of the People's Mujahideen having come from Ashraf Camp in Iraq and engaged in subversive activities," - Yari said by telephone from Tehran.

Director of the Iranian Department of British Foreign Policy Center Adam Hug told Trend , that  Iranian authorities have well-defined goals reached with the allegations of foreign countries in the riots. Obama administration's mild policy on Iran scares the official Tehran. To remove internal opposition, Tehran needs an external enemy, "- Hug told Trend in the email message on Tuesday evening.

According to him, indeed there is some interference in the internal affairs of Iran by some European nations. Currently, the BBC reflected the developments in Iran. Germany, France and other European countries have condemned the Government of Iran and called to bring clarity to the situation with the elections. However, this has nothing to do with organizing the riots.
Head of the Center for Studies of Contemporary Iran Sazegara believes that in the past 30 years, particularly after the Khameini's election, any tension in the country is written to the West and the United States. "We are trying to achieve support from the U.S., but Obama's administration does not support Iranian people. Everyone knows that it takes a very soft position on Iran, as the maincause of collisions is the current government of the country," Sazegara said.

Although the Hug rejects accusations of officials of Iran to the West, he believes that the West is subjecting test to noble political traditions of Iran. Western media tells to the Iranian people their opinions and experiences, and official Tehran perceives it as a threat. However, this is one of the realities of the modern world, and Iranian officials should therefore be reconciled.