Expert: Kazakhstan looks for model to transfer power

Politics Materials 5 June 2010 09:00 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, June 4 /Trend, V.Zhavoronkova/

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev's refusal from the status of leader of the nation tells that Kazakhstan is looking for a suitable model for to transfer to power to him, said a Russian expert on the CIS Vladimir Zharikhin.

"There are some models in Kazakhstan that are initially accepted, but later, after careful evaluation, it appears that the model is unsatisfactory, like Nazarbayev's refusal from the status as a leader of the nation," the deputy director of the CIS Institute Zharikhin told Trend by telephone from Moscow.

At its plenary meeting on Friday, the Kazakh Parliament took into consideration the appeal by President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Kazakh people regarding his refusal from the status of leader of the nation.

At its plenary meeting on Thursday, Majilis adopted a similar resolution.
In May, a number of members of Majilis of the Parliament made an initiative to legally confer status of leader of the nation upon Nazarbayev. The Parliament made amendments to a number of constitutional laws in a short period.  
However, the President did not sign them, saying in his appeal that the status of the leader of the nation can not be gained only by letters of the law, decrees and other legal acts.

According to the expert, the whole process of discussing the status of national leader in Kazakhstan tells that the mechanism of transferring power is a problem in the country where, in fact, the political system have not yet been fully formed.

Now Kazakhstan is looking for how to transfer the power in order to preserve continuity, so that the country is not condemned abroad, as well as the national specifics are taken into account, said Zharikhin.

According to the political analyst, the issue in the country is discussed, because the current President Nazarbayev is already old.

Furthermore, the question of how to transfer the power in order to maintain stability - is a problem of not only Kazakhstan, but also many other Central Asian republics, said Zharikhin.

Nazarbayev has enough strong support of the population, as Kazakhstan is one of the economic leaders in the former Soviet Union territory, and the people see it, most of the population positively assesses his activities, the expert said.