Azerbaijani top official: Pashinyan turned his family into object of political speculation

Politics Materials 18 September 2018 16:59
It is not hard to imagine what kind of troubles await the people led by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who turned his family into an object of political speculation, Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani president’s assistant for public and political affairs, wrote on his Facebook page on Sept. 18
Azerbaijani top official: Pashinyan turned his family into object of political speculation

Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 18


It is not hard to imagine what kind of troubles await the people led by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who turned his family into an object of political speculation, Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani president’s assistant for public and political affairs, wrote on his Facebook page on Sept. 18.

Hasanov noted that there are individuals whose actions made their names go down in history, and who played an important role in the fate of people.

“Taking on the mission of saving this state [Azerbaijan] from the threat of extinction, national leader Heydar Aliyev devoted all his time and health to such a high goal as preservation, creation and development of Azerbaijani statehood, and, having fulfilled this task with dignity, wrote his name with golden letters in the history of the people,” Ali Hasanov said.

“Heydar Aliyev passed away peacefully. This peace was granted to him by the boundless scale of his work and service to people. The great leader was confident that his policy would be continued in the future as well and will lead Azerbaijan to new victories, and the past 15 years proved how right the genius thought.”

Hasanov stressed that President Ilham Aliyev, having turned a small country into an authoritative, respected state, into a dynamically developing island of stability, when the world is facing confrontation and terror, demonstrated what a real politician can do.

“Azerbaijan started to progress at the fastest pace, when ill-wishers said “Azerbaijan is on the verge of collapse”, when those who asserted about “the end of power” saw the power strengthening day by day, and those living with the illusion of "the failure of this policy” cannot count its victories...,” Hasanov noted.

“Look at the fate of politicians of the opposite side who dictated to Azerbaijan what to do,” he added. “A populist like Pashinyan who came to politics from the street under the guise of “a democratic revolution” sent the Kocharyan-Sargsyan mafia to the place it belongs, while this mafia made Ter-Petrosyan lose. A criminal case was launched against them and they are questioned for the crimes they were committing over the years against the Armenian people. But how?”

Hasanov noted that when Pashinyan came to power, the Armenians, falling into euphoria, perceived this as a complete victory of “democratic” Armenia over Azerbaijan and expected that doors all around the world will open for them.

“They thought that investments would flow to their country, that world leaders would come to Armenia one after another and that the occupation of Azerbaijani territories would be legalized,” Hasanov noted. “But what does the Armenian press write today? By using methods characteristic to a dictator, Pashinyan tries to crush his opponents, anarchy and chaos reign in Armenia, the economy is on the brink of total collapse and failures in foreign policy follow one another. When making selfies with heads of other countries at international events, Pashinyan tries to present this to the local public as “success of foreign policy” of Armenia.”

Hasanov added that Pashinyan, after coming to power, tries to compensate for the gap that has appeared between the promises and committed acts, populist statements and absurd steps.

"He [Pashinyan] says that he is fighting to return the wealth stolen by the former authorities to the Armenians,” he said. “But now everyone understands that he wants to get his share of this wealth."

"Pashinyan talks about democratic governance, but the phone conversation between Head of the National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan and Head of the Special Investigation Service Sasun Khachatrian clearly outlines these "democratic" steps. The prime minister says an end was put to the tradition of interference of the authorities in the work of the media in the country. But a day later, searches are carried out in the apartment of the editor-in-chief and in the editorial office of the Yerevan.Today website, one of the first to spread the phone conversation secretly recorded in Armenia."

"He either wakes up, calls on Azerbaijan to negotiate with the separatist regime in Nagorno-Karabakh region or takes his words back. He declares seven adjacent districts around Nagorno-Karabakh the territory of “NKR", thus openly demonstrating disrespect to international community, co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group,” Hasanov said. “He creates a team consisting of Russophobes, and at the same time several times a day speaks of his loyalty to the alliance with Russia. Everyone already understands that the Armenian prime minister is inadequate in his position. He is a parody of a politician and the Armenian radio jokes about him are a matter of time."

Hasanov said that if a politician turns his child, his family into an object of political speculation, then it is not difficult to guess what misfortunes the Armenians will face.

"It is necessary to ask the prime minister who says that “NKR” is an "independent state" and about the need for Azerbaijan to negotiate with this "state": why does your son serve in this "independent state"? Taking this step, he actually confirms not only the fact of occupation, but also recognizes that it is Armenia that is a party to the conflict.”

“He even brazenly advises the president of Azerbaijan to send his son to Karabakh and tries to present this step as a guarantee for restoration of the ceasefire on the contact line,” Hasanov added. “On the other hand, appealing to Azerbaijani women, Pashinyan's wife wants to make efforts to stop the conflict and the death of soldiers. But the prime minister does not ask his wife why an Armenian citizen must die in "independent NKR".”

The illogicality and inconsistency of Pashinyan's authority are so deep that there is no need to analyze it, Hasanov added.

"But it is unclear how some ill-wishers, who call themselves Azerbaijanis, support Pashinyan,” he added. “The actions of many anti-nation persons abroad overstep the limits. Just see how disrespectful they are towards Azerbaijan and its state symbols that they demonstrate populist steps of the Armenian prime minister related to members of his family as “heroism”.”

Hasanov said that call of the Azerbaijani president's son for military service is a good example for the whole society and youth.

"Heydar Aliyev will be in the place where it is needed to defend his native land and he will fulfill his duty to the Motherland with dignity and honor,” he said. “No one must doubt. The individuals turning the topic into an object of manipulation are those who left abroad as deserters, pretend themselves as those defending their Motherland, those who hid their children from the military service.”

“I reiterate my opinion, which I expressed in one of my statuses, which I shared earlier that those, who are now muddying and unethically waging a struggle against Azerbaijan and its symbols, representatives of power and members of society, are the elements that assumed special obligations to the corresponding bodies of foreign countries,” he added.

“After crossing the border of Azerbaijan, they give their passports to the known circles, assume special obligations, and then they are incited to a dirty fight against their country,” he added. “Apparently, it is more worthy for them to attack their country by using money obtained from Soros, Gulbekians and Karapetyans, choosing Western countries as a haven than to take up arms and defend their Motherland.”

“Those who think they will gain popularity, sharing irresponsible and disgusting statuses in social networks day and night, who consider it acceptable to use military service of Pashinyan's son in their interests as PR, must not doubt that this way they will win the hatred of Azerbaijani society,” Hasanov added. “Time has shown, shows and will show everyone his own place."