Paraguayan TV channel SNT airs program on Azerbaijan (PHOTO)

Politics Materials 2 November 2018 19:02 (UTC +04:00)
The Paraguayan television channel SNT, which has a wide audience, aired a program about Azerbaijan.
Paraguayan TV channel SNT airs program on Azerbaijan (PHOTO)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Nov. 2


The Paraguayan television channel SNT, which has a wide audience, aired a program about Azerbaijan.

The program provided its Spanish speaking viewers with detailed information about Azerbaijan. The author of the report, Carlos Troche, first shared his impressions of the trip to Azerbaijan.

He noted that Azerbaijan, located on the shore of the Caspian Sea and at the junction of Europe and Asia, is a country with rich energy resources.

Despite the long distance, Azerbaijan is interested in expanding ties with Latin America, in particular with Paraguay.

An Azerbaijani embassy functions in Argentina, and in the future it is planned to open a consulate in Paraguay. Recently, relations between Azerbaijan and Paraguay have been developing intensively. There are a number of topics that attract the attention of both countries.

Carlos Troche said the purpose of his visit to Azerbaijan and the report is to acquaint the peoples of Latin America with Azerbaijan. He pointed to positive aspects of the expansion of relations between Azerbaijan and Latin America.

The author made a brief insight into the history of Azerbaijan, provided information about its favorable geographical location, culture, customs and traditions. It was also noted that at the beginning of the last century, Azerbaijan provided half of all oil supplies in the world market.

The report also provides the opinion of Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani president’s assistant for public and political affairs, about the development of Azerbaijan’s relations with the countries of Latin America, in particular with Paraguay.

“If you visit Azerbaijani restaurants, I am sure you will see that meat imported from Paraguay is used there,” Hasanov said. “The agency that controls food security also controls the import of meat. I think we will continue to cooperate in this area.”

The author notes that the Azerbaijani side, in turn, creates an opportunity for Paraguayan youth to receive scholarships in the undergraduate and graduate programs in Azerbaijan.

One of the main reasons for the rapid development of Azerbaijan is the investment of part of the profits from the export of oil and gas in the development of education, according to the report.

The country’s poverty rate dropped to 5 percent, and the unemployment rate dropped to almost zero, the author said.

In the report, Hasanov notes that Azerbaijan is the leading country in the South Caucasus in the political, economic and energy fields.

“We are committed to the development of our relations,” Hasanov said. “The deepening of Azerbaijan-Paraguay relations will serve as an impetus for cooperation not only in investments, but also in technology and education.”

In response to the show host’s question “How can we come to Azerbaijan and resolve visa issues?” Carlos Troche said: “As I have already noted, the Azerbaijani Embassy in Argentina is operating. In order to come from Paraguay to Azerbaijan, there is no need to go to Argentina. The ASAN Viza system operates in Azerbaijan. Thus, it is enough to follow the link posted on the website of the embassy, ​​and it is very easy and convenient to get a visa online within three hours.”

“This is incredible,” the show host noted with admiration.

Azerbaijani folk songs sound in the background of the report, which features video footage about the sights of Baku.