Azerbaijani party’s rep: Artificial agiotage over construction of HPPs on Araz River - purposeful

Politics Materials 9 May 2020 09:08 (UTC +04:00)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 9

By Elchin Mehdiyev – Trend:

The creation of artificial agiotage in connection with the construction of the ‘Khudaferin’ and ‘Giz Galasi’ hydro-junctions and hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) on the Araz River between Azerbaijan and Iran is purposeful, Deputy Chairman of the Popular Front Party of Whole Azerbaijan Elchin Mirzabayli told Trend.

“Some people deliberately do not refer to the agreement on cooperation between the Azerbaijani and Iranian governments in the field of continuing the construction and operation of the ‘Khudaferin’ and ‘Giz Galasi’ hydro-junctions and hydroelectric power plants on the Araz River, as well as in the field of using energy and water resources, signed on February 23, 2016,” deputy chairman said.

“Some of them deliberately do not mention that the agreement emphasizes the inviolability of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and thereby, trifle with the patriotic feelings of people, incite them against the state,” Mirzabayli said.

“Having no information on the essence of the issue, taking the statements in which the facts are intentionally distorted as a basis, some people who consider themselves 'experts' are trying to impose their 'talents and skills' and their understanding of 'love towards Motherland' on people,” Mirzabayli said.

“As part of the agreement, in connection with the continued construction and operation of the ‘Khudaferin’ and ‘Giz Galasi’ hydro-junctions and hydroelectric power plants and the use of energy and water resources, the sides carry out joint activity and the ownership rights to these structures belong to both Azerbaijan and Iran,” the deputy chairman said.

“The Iranian side continues the construction of hydro-junctions and hydroelectric power plants on the basis of the agreement,” Mirzabayli added. “A joint technical commission has been created to implement this agreement. It is forbidden to transfer the protection and operation of these hydroelectric facilities on a temporary or permanent basis to the individuals or legal entities of a third country.”

“The hydroelectric facilities will use water resources on the principle of equality and the electricity generated at the stations of each side will belong to that side,” Mirzabayli stressed.

“The dams will be jointly used and managed on the site by a team formed by Azerbaijan and Iran on a parity basis,” Mirzabayli said. “This means that, until Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity is ensured, Iran will only fulfill its part of the agreement and inform the Azerbaijani side of the conducted work.”

“That is, the process will be jointly controlled,” deputy chairman said. “The agreement signed with Iran in 2016 also means that Azerbaijan is confident in the rapid liberation of its territories from occupation, after which it will fulfill its part of the agreement.”

“Those who voice the opposite views not only are trying to impose a defeatist spirit on people, but are also striving to convey the lie expressed by the Armenians as truth,” deputy chairman said. “This is real betrayal."