Azerbaijani community of Nagorno-Karabakh region urges compatriots not to succumb to Armenian provocations

Politics Materials 26 July 2020 11:39 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani community of Nagorno-Karabakh region urges compatriots not to succumb to Armenian provocations

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 26


The Azerbaijani community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan has issued a statement, Trend reports.

“The radical Armenian groups have recently organized and made barbaric attacks on the Azerbaijani diplomatic missions and our compatriots in various countries amid the military aggression of the Armenian armed forces in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district,” the statement said.

“All this is the result of the policy related to the phobia of Azerbaijan which is pursued by the Armenian leadership for many years and the current government of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan encourages this policy,” the statement said. “The hate campaigns, once aimed at Azerbaijanis, have led to the ethnic cleansing of the Azerbaijani people in the lands of their ancestors, where Azerbaijanis have lived for centuries.”

“Unfortunately, now we are witnessing another campaign of hatred against the Azerbaijani people,” the statement said. “But the plans of the Armenian leadership to seize a new part of the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, inciting hatred towards us, will fail and will have the opposite effect this time.”

“Our statements and appeals in support of the settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict not only were rejected by Armenia, but our existence is denied, we are bombarded with messages full of hatred by the puppet of the Armenian leadership,” the statement said.

“We are endlessly inspired by the civic stance demonstrated by our compatriots worldwide,” the statement said.

“We are proud of all our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters who, both in the trenches and abroad, firmly hold out against Armenians who share the ideas of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) terrorist organization,” the statement said. “The Armenians have fierce hatred when they see the flag of Azerbaijan.”

“We call on our dear compatriots not to succumb to the Armenian provocations, to remain calm and to beware of possible Armenian terrorist attacks," the statement said.