Russian expert talks on importance of commissioning of Fuzuli Int'l Airport

Politics Materials 28 October 2021 00:15 (UTC +04:00)
Russian expert talks on importance of commissioning of Fuzuli Int'l Airport

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Oct. 28

By Jani Babayeva - Trend:

The opening of the Fuzuli International Airport is a big boost for the development of the entire region, Editor-in-Chief of the authoritative Russian National Defense magazine, a well-known military expert Igor Korotchenko told Trend.

"Fuzuli International Airport is a world-class airport. It was built in a short time. As for the airport from an architectural point of view and standards of aviation requirements, this is a world-class facility, it meets the highest requirements. Of course, the opening of the airport will serve, among other things, as the foundation for future economic development in Azerbaijan’s liberated territories (from Armenian occupation) as a whole, where everything has only been destroyed for 30 years. And here in less than a year, a unique infrastructure facility was built, the quality and construction time of which can be entered into the Guinness Book of Records," he noted.

According to Korotchenko, everyone will see the possibilities of Azerbaijan on building such facilities, which will undoubtedly strengthen the country's international authority.

"Currently, air transport is the basis of communications, the opening of the airport will allow the development of a tourist cluster in the future, reduce the distance when moving between different cities of Azerbaijan, and of course, will give an economic effect in terms of the development of the region as a whole. Also, let's not forget that the Fuzuli district connects the Victory Road with the city of Shusha. This is also a commissioned infrastructure facility of the highest level, all this makes communications less expensive, faster, and of course, will have a strong economic effect," he noted.

Korotchenko also stressed that for millions of Armenians the opening of the Fuzuli International Airport is an example of the fact that Azerbaijan is a successful country that not only won the war, but is restoring those territories where the Armenians have only been destroying for 30 years, and actually turned them into a desert.

"Apart from minefields, the Armenians left nothing behind. Armenia looks at Fuzuli International Airport and asks themselves a simple question: "Why Azerbaijan can do this, but we can’t?" And, probably, a lot of Armenians will change their minds, by looking at Azerbaijan, which is in the 21st century, and Armenia, which is stuck in the 20th century and cannot get out of it in any way. And for the Karabakh Armenians, this will be an example of a better future that awaits them as citizens of Azerbaijan," Korotchenko added.