Armenia, its society still can't recover from crushing defeat in Karabakh war - Azerbaijan's Security Council Secretary (UPDATE)

Politics Materials 21 December 2021 15:37 (UTC +04:00)

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BAKU, Azerbaijan, Dec. 21

By Samir Ali - Trend:

Armenia and its society still can’t recover from crushing defeat in the war [2020 Second Karabakh War] and its bitter consequences, Secretary of the Azerbaijani Security Council, Colonel-General Ramil Usubov said in an interview with "Azerbaijan" newspaper, Trend reports on December 21.

"The Armenian people, lobby and authorities saw the consequences of the aggressive policy during decades based on false "ideas"," Usubov said.

"Even their “victorious” periods were the years of complete decline," Secretary of the Azerbaijani Security Council said. "The most important thing is that this country is in complete isolation, remaining aloof from the new trade, economic and logistics cooperation created under Azerbaijan’s leadership in the South Caucasus over the past 25 years."

Usubov said that most of the Armenian people understand that the cause of the difficult and deplorable situation was the aggressive policy and they know that the former military junta of the Sargsyan-Kocharyan tandem is the culprit.

"The results of the recent parliamentary election in Armenia also showed the position of the Armenian people," Secretary of the Azerbaijani Security Council said.

"The Armenian people voted for the ruling party, which undertook to fulfill the points of the statement signed on November 10, voted for cooperation with Azerbaijan, rather than for war," Usubov said.

"The Armenian leadership got an opportunity to draw a conclusion thanks to this choice and it allows us and the international community to consider the opinion of the internal audience of this country," Secretary of the Azerbaijani Security Council said.

Usubov said that the hype, reckless and revanchist statements do not reflect the position of the main part of the Armenian people, this is just useless demagoguery of the losers.