Visit of Azerbaijani MPs to Armenia as part of Euronest Parliamentary Assembly meeting ends

Politics Materials 24 February 2022 11:59 (UTC +04:00)
Visit of Azerbaijani MPs to Armenia as part of Euronest Parliamentary Assembly meeting ends

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Feb. 24


The visit of Azerbaijani MPs Tahir Mirkishili and Soltan Mammadov, who took part in the meeting of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly (PA) in Yerevan, is over, Trend reports referring to Mirkishili’s statement.

The MP called the visit difficult as there were many issues related to security.

“But despite all difficulties, we tried to adequately represent our victorious country in Yerevan,” the MP added. “We will not allow any actions that could damage our victory. We did everything we could within the parliamentary diplomacy.”

“We had the opportunity to communicate with various representatives of the Armenian society,” the MP said. “It is difficult for them to accept new realities. But they want to overcome this stage, to live in peace with Azerbaijan, to establish ties. They don't want war anymore. I think the majority of the Armenian society thinks so.”

Mirkishili said that on the other hand, there are nationalists who are aggressive and do not accept dialogue with Azerbaijanis.

“I think this situation will be always observed,” the MP said. “We must always take this into account.”

Mirkishili said that the reality is that Azerbaijan is the strongest, the leading country in the region.

“Our president is a world famous, strong and wise politician,” the MP said. “Azerbaijan is very strong while our society is united. While using these advantages, we are trying to live in peace with Armenia, and they understand this correctly and perceive it as a positive message. Our visit also played a positive role in shaping this idea among them.”

“But at the same time, we must always be ready to respond harshly to revanchist, nationalist forces,” the MP said. “Our tough response as a strong country will also be a hope for sober forces in Armenia.”

“Being in Yerevan, we always felt the support of our country,” the MP said. “Sahiba Gafarova, chairperson of the Azerbaijani parliament, was constantly in touch with us. All this gave us the opportunity to defend the interests of our country and our people in any situation, to speak the truth courageously.”

“We thank the media representatives, all those who wrote articles and comments on social networks,” the MP said. “For us, it was a visit in non-standard conditions and I am sure that there will be many such trips in the future.”