French journalist shares article on openly pro-Armenian politicians, media in France

Politics Materials 26 January 2023 12:41 (UTC +04:00)
French journalist shares article on openly pro-Armenian politicians, media in France

BAKU, Azerbaijan, January 26. CEO of the Lagazetteaz.fr online newspaper, founded by Trend News Agency in France, Jean-Michel Brun published an article about French politicians and media outlets with openly pro-Armenian positions, adopt countless anti-Azerbaijani resolutions, and prepare biased articles and reports, Trend reports.

The article noted that after the defeat of Armenia in the 2020 Second Karabakh War, Armenians, especially in the French diaspora, are trying to wage war in the media, trying to convince the public to recognize them not as aggressors, but as victims.

According to Brun, given the reality, problems in the Caucasus are of no interest to the French public, except for politicians and media outlets who openly take a pro-Armenian position, adopt countless resolutions against Azerbaijan, prepare biased articles and reports, organize round tables to which Azerbaijanis are not invited.

The article also said that the only meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and the new Azerbaijani Ambassador to France Leyla Abdullayeva took place during the presentation of her credentials.

The author also reminded that a few days ago, Macron received two leaders of Armenian nationalists in France at the Elysee Palace.

Brun noted that the main ‘argument’ put forward by the supporters of Armenia is the ‘clash of civilizations’, as French writer and philosopher Michel Onfray said.

"According to Deputy Director of Le Figaro Magazine Jean-Christophe Buisson, 'churches are being replaced by mosques'. As for Eric Zemmour, Valérie Pécresse, Bruno Retailleau and Valérie Boyer [French politicians representing right-wing class], their visit to Armenia, according to them, is a symbol of ‘protection of Eastern Christians in the face of the Islamic-Turkish threat in Europe’,” Brun said.

“For French people, apparently, such factors as the fact that the philosophy of the Enlightenment as part of the Western worldview was preceded by the ideas of the Azerbaijani philosopher of the XII century Nizami Ganjavi, that Azerbaijan is a secular multicultural country that unites 48 different ethnic groups or cultures, including Eastern Christians, that the Azerbaijanis never turned churches into mosques, and that, on the contrary, during the Armenian occupation in Karabakh, 66 mosques, as well as the Russian Orthodox Church were destroyed,” he also noted.

“The reality is that this conflict interests us because it has already become a tool of representatives of this politically dangerous right-wing class. Their main goal is not to ‘defend Armenia’, but rather to rally the French people around an imaginary common ‘enemy’, the international Muslim community, which allegedly wants to attack ‘Christian Western civilization’ or even ‘destroy’ it," Brun explained.

The article also emphasized that after the statements of the French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin about the alleged ‘separatism’ of French Muslims, the world has already begun to look for evidence that Muslims are dangerous to the West.

"But why are you attacking Azerbaijan? Not only because Muslims make up the majority of the population, but also because freedom of religion is fully ensured in this country, multiculturalism not only exists but is promoted more and more widely," the article author said.

He emphasized that one should not turn a blind eye to the lies, false news, and distortion of history that Azerbaijan's critics are trying to convince.

Speaking about the support for Armenia in a number of French media and political discourse, Brun added that for this reason, Azerbaijani historians have never been invited to discussions about the past of the region.

That's why journalists of French newspapers aren’t sent to highlight the consequences of Armenian vandalism in Azerbaijan’s Aghdam, Fuzuli, Shusha or Ganja, preferring instead to repeat a fictional narrative of ‘Armenian identity’, he also explained.

According to Brun, the Armenians of the Caucasus are also victims of this political instrumentalization, which hinders their own development and makes them dependent on the diaspora which far outnumbers the population of Armenia.

"Support for Azerbaijan does not mean participation in the so-called ‘battle of civilizations’, but the struggle to strengthen the spirit of Enlightenment, introduced in the 12th century by Nizami Ganjavi, and from the 17th century by Rousseau, Voltaire and Montesquieu," the article concluded.