Anti-Russian Union in Munich - Armenian PM and French president against Kremlin

Politics Materials 20 February 2023 12:35 (UTC +04:00)
Anti-Russian Union in Munich - Armenian PM and French president against Kremlin
Elvin Saxavatoghlu
Elvin Saxavatoghlu
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 20. The main topic of President of France Emmanuel Macron's speech at the Munich Security Conference was his hostility against Russia on one hand, and his friendship with Armenia on the other, Trend reports.

In his speech, Macron presented Russia as a source of instability and chaos. He also stressed that France will continue to stand with Armenia.

"How can one believe that neocolonial Russia will be able to deal with the challenges of the Caucasus? I say this in the presence of my friend, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, whom we will continue to support and with whom we will cooperate," Macron said.

It is clear from Macron's speech that France is forming an alliance in the region against Russia, while Armenia plays a key part in this.

Anti-Russian Union

As experience shows, France has never in its history formed an alliance that would be selfless. And this time, Macron's assistance is not selfless for sure. His phrase "my friend Pashinyan" hides selfish motives and villainous imperialist interests. Can France, which has historically been the cause of terrible conflicts, as well as Macron's anti-Islamic and anti-Turkic policies, help to maintain long-term peace in the South Caucasus? Obviously not.

France's policy in the South Caucasus is aimed neither at solving problems in the region nor at promoting the peace process between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The main goal of the alliance of France and Armenia is to actively maintain military tension in the South Caucasus and create favorable conditions for ousting its main rival, Russia, from the region.

Naturally, Armenia is at the epicenter of this front. That is, Armenia is used by France as a lodgement in the conflict between the West and Russia.

To achieve this goal, first of all, it is necessary to reduce Russia's military and political influence in Armenia. Paris is very skillfully using the EU mission in this matter. France's entrance to the region from Armenia with Pashinyan's consent and an increase in anti-Russian sentiments in Yerevan are currently observable.

It is Armenia that will "fall" in this union

It is obvious that Paris will be unable to move toward the South Caucasus even a single step if the Armenian authorities do not demonstrate allegiance to France's anti-Russian policies. But Pashinyan is delighted to join the anti-Russian alliance. Macron praises Pashinyan for achieving the aforementioned objectives. He refers to him as a friend and draws him toward himself, carrying out his imperialist goals. Armenia and the Armenians serve only as a tool for France's objectives.

Everyone knows the consequences of France's bloody policy, the massacres and genocides in more than 20 countries in the north and south of Africa, and the slave trade that it organized in Senegal, the Ivory Coast, and Benin. More than 2 million people have died as a result of crimes committed by France in Africa.

Official Paris is still plundering the bowels of African countries, from Tunisia to Togo and from Mali to Cameroon. Paris still has the national wealth of 14 African countries. The funds received from the natural resources extracted from the African mines are delivered to France. Every year, about $500 billion are transferred to the French state budget from the sale of natural resources of African countries.

For France, Armenia, located thousands of kilometers from Paris, is one of the countries listed above.

Therefore, it is already predictable which country and which people will become the next victim of Paris' policy towards the Caucasus. Everyone knows the Kremlin's attitude toward such an alliance and its levers of influence on Yerevan.