Russian MFA calls on France to respect Azerbaijan's position

Politics Materials 30 August 2023 15:15 (UTC +04:00)
Laman Zeynalova
Laman Zeynalova
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, August 30. France should take into account the positions of both sides in its mediation efforts to normalize relations between Baku and Yerevan, said Spokesperson for Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova during a weekly briefing, Trend reports.

"On the one hand, we have repeatedly said that we welcome any initiatives that do not run counter to Russia's efforts to normalize relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, that do not duplicate and, moreover, do not undermine these efforts.

On the other hand, France's activity in this direction is well known to us. Azerbaijan and Armenia's respective viewpoints must be taken into consideration before anything else in the context of such mediation attempts, and this is of equal importance. And without this, it is pointless to expect any progress in the already tense situation's resolution. This is the central element of any form of mediation," she said.

During the ambassadorial conference on August 28, French President Emanuel Macron reiterated his biased views, which threaten the peace process while misrepresenting the regional reality and unambiguously backing Armenia, Spokesman for Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Aykhan Hajizada said.

"Once again, expression of opinion by the French President based on the allegations regarding humanitarian situation in the region attests to the erroneous policy of this country.

Condemnation of the 44-day Patriotic War that resulted in the liberation of Azerbaijan's territories in accordance with the UN Charter, as well as the norms and principles of international law, with special emphasis on claims made about the humanitarian situation in the region by France, who has never condemned the acts of occupation and aggression committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan for almost 30 years and has remained silent about the humanitarian situation of up to 1 million refugees.

Expressions such as “Lachin humanitarian corridor” by French President, as well as coercive narrative is unacceptable, and is disrespectful for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

France is aware of the daily passage of dozens of Armenian residents through the Lachin road and the border checkpoint, as well as the allocation of "Aghdam-Khankendi" and other alternative routes for the transportation of goods by Azerbaijan. On the other hand, Armenia and individuals posing as representatives of Armenian residents have politicized issues regarding the use of these roads. The views supporting Armenia's provocative actions are among the things that directly obstruct the fulfillment of the agreements made in this regard at the beginning of August, as opposed to encouraging it.

The question of why France did not come up with such initiatives for nearly 30 years, while the territories of Azerbaijan were under occupation, would be more helpful for France to address, as they claim that they were the authors of the EU mission and the initiative to recognize each other's borders under the Alma-Ata Declaration of 1991 in Prague.

Azerbaijan is steadfastly opposed to any outside meddling that could jeopardize its efforts to maintain peace and security in the area," the statement said.