Russia commends National Leader Heydar Aliyev's special contribution to construction of BAM - commentary

Politics Materials 24 April 2024 09:33 (UTC +04:00)
Russia commends National Leader Heydar Aliyev's special contribution to construction of BAM - commentary
Elchin Mehdiyev
Elchin Mehdiyev
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 24. Relations between Azerbaijan and Russia have a long history, and nowadays these relations are dynamically developing, MP Azer Badamov told Trend.

According to him, President Ilham Aliyev's visit to Russia on April 22 opened a new page in the development of relations between the two countries.

"Within the framework of the visit, the two heads of state held discussions on issues related to the development and strengthening of relations between the countries, including regional security. Relations between our countries are based on mutual respect and friendship. These relationships have a very long history. Over the years of independence, 263 documents related to the development and expansion of cooperation between our countries have been signed. On February 22, 2022, the Declaration on Allied Cooperation was signed. The parliaments of our countries closely cooperate and contribute to the comprehensive development of relations between our countries," he said.

The MP noted that cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia in various directions is deepening day by day.

"If we look at the dynamics of the development of economic ties, we will see that these increasing dynamics have become sustainable. Thus, in 2023, trade turnover between our countries increased by 17.5 percent and exceeded $4 billion. The volume of transportation through our country on the North-South route increased by 17 percent. More than a thousand Russian companies are registered in Azerbaijan today. Russia has invested more than $8 billion, and Azerbaijan, in turn, has invested more than $6 billion in the Russian economy. Russia occupies an important place in Azerbaijan's non-oil exports," Badamov said.

The deputy noted that relations between the two countries are also developing in humanitarian and cultural spheres. "Today, 154,000 pupils study in 324 Russian-language schools operating in Azerbaijan. More than 801,000 students study Russian as a second foreign language. Students can continue their studies in Russian-speaking groups at 28 higher education institutions. Every year, about 270 of our young people have the opportunity to study in Russian universities under the quota allocated to Azerbaijani citizens," he said.

Badamov added that during the visit to Moscow, the Azerbaijani President also attended a solemn event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of BAM construction.

"Russia remembers the special contribution and role of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. It was a project of all-union significance, within the framework of which more than 2 million young people were mobilized. The most difficult thing was the construction of the railroad through roadless Siberian forests. Realizing the difficulties of the realization of the project, the Soviet leadership entrusted it to Heydar Aliyev. They knew that only Heydar Aliyev's experience, leadership skills, and determination could help realize this project, which happened. Heydar Aliyev mobilized all efforts for the construction of BAM, traveled to construction sites, met with collectives, and gave assignments. This attention and care motivated me even more, and the construction project was completed ahead of schedule. Those who participated in the construction of BAM do not forget about it even today and honor the memory of Heydar Aliyev. Including the railway station in Angoya settlement, which was named after Heydar Aliyev," he said.

He added that the North-South transport corridor created today with Azerbaijan's participation will connect the North Sea with the Indian Ocean.

"The formation of this international transport corridor will increase our geopolitical importance in the greater region by increasing our countries' participation in international transportation through the formation of a major route that will provide transportation from the Persian Gulf to the North Sea. Strengthening cooperation and friendly ties between Azerbaijan and Russia also brings stability and security to the region," the MP said.

Azerbaijani MP Mushfig Jafarov told Trend that today Russian-Azerbaijani relations are developing in a new context, which began to take shape in 2020.

He noted that communication issues in the region are certainly being widely discussed in Russia at present. The return of four Gazakh villages by Armenia also means a step closer to the opening of communications.

"Our state builds partnerships in foreign policy based on national interests. It is not easy to achieve this in a region where the interests of large states collide. However, in recent years, states that are major players in global politics have witnessed how Azerbaijan defends its national interests. All cooperation in the South Caucasus takes place within the framework of the national interests of our state," the MP said.

He emphasized that Azerbaijani-Russian relations are also rapidly developing in accordance with the political will of the heads of state.

"The development of political relations between the two countries at the highest level also has a positive impact on the expansion of economic relations. Azerbaijan has always attached great importance to mutually beneficial and equal relations with Russia. The development of Azerbaijani-Russian relations is important in terms of the progress of the region as a whole as well as ensuring peace and security in the region. Our state considers multifaceted cooperation to be in line with its national interests and seeks to expand the partnership," Jafarov said.

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