Politics Materials 28 September 2005 20:07 (UTC +04:00)

The activities of the Georgian Armenians claiming for the autonomy for Djavahetia are performed by the assignment of the Russian intelligence, a political scientist Rasim Musabekov told Trend.

He noted they were rather careful in Georgia till now. “Their access to the world goes through the Georgian territory. However, the Russian intelligence urges the Armenians to territorial claims to Georgia. The official Moscow by trying to fuel the new conflict’s hotbeds seeks to focus there the attention of the world public

He also noted there are interested persons in Armenia in the issue. Assisting to the Russia’ intelligence they seek thus to obtain even more dividends.

The political analyst Zardusht Alizade confirmed the thoughts of his colleague. В"The Russian intelligence, having united with the leaders of the Armenian Dashnaks introduced the issue into the agenda of the day. The Armenian Diaspora of Russia is taking interest in their homeland. They are ready for any victims for Russia to support them and asses their activities.

He also noted not all Armenians have territorial claims to Georgia. They demand solving the socio-economic problems in Djavahetia. В"The Armenians do not want to acquire one more enemy in the region. This goal is pursued by the pro-Moscow forces of the Armenians both in Armenia itself and in Russia”.

The head of the press service of the Azerbaijan’s Embassy to Georgia Elhan Poluchov noted the official structures of Georgia and the media have not expressed their attitude to the issue. “As if there was nothing from the part of Armenians”.