Politics Materials 10 October 2005 19:28 (UTC +04:00)

The meeting of the chairman of the Party of Democratic Reforms (PDR) running up for the elections from the Nasimi constituency N22 Asim Mollazade with his voters in the park in front of the “Dostlug” film theater on Azadlig avenue scheduled for 18.00 on 9 October 2005 did not take place, the PDR statement says,Trend reports.

В"The policemen of the 22-nd police station of Nasimi district hindered it. At 18.05 the police men started to remove the electors from the area. After “cleaning” the park area they did not let anybody into the territory. Asim Mollazade who came to the meeting with his voters let the policemen know, he had applied to the constituency electoral commission (CEC) beforehand for permission in accordance with the Election Code”, the document says.

The election commission gave permit for meeting of Mollazade with the voters on 9 October. The CEC chairman Agabali Guliyev was informed of the event in the telephone talk and the policemen had been let know about such permission.

Despite all these, the police did not allow to hold the meeting under the pretext of non-availability of the permission from the relevant executive authority. Two of the electors were arrested. However, after some time they were released.

PDR states that illegal interference of the police into the matter is the rough violation of the country’s Constitution and the election legislation. В"It shows there are forces unwilling to hold democratic elections in the country and Azerbaijan’s integration into Europe and the world democratic system, artificially aggravate the pre-election situation. These forces damage seriously the international image of our country and complicate its integration into all world structures. PDR condemns this inadequate violence and assesses the closing of the ANS Sheki studio as the move against the freedom of speech”, the statement says.