Fuad Ahundov: Reason for Azerbaijan’s non-involvement in CSTO is occupation of 20 per cent of Azerbaijan’s area by Armenia

Politics Materials 12 December 2005 16:52 (UTC +04:00)

The ground for the Azerbaijan’s non-involvement in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is on the surface, as another CSTO member state, Armenia occupied 20 per cent of the country’s territory. It was the comment of the political researches sector head of the socio-political department of the Azerbaijan’s President administration Fuad Ahundov on the statement of the chairman of the CIS issues committee of the Council of Federation (CF) Vadim Gustov that the “oil resources is one of the reasons for Azerbaijan to refuse the CSTO membership”.

В"The Gustov’s statement is based on the strange logic. It would be interesting to learn, what reasoning he used as he arrived to such a conclusion”, Ahundov noted, underlying “not only Azerbaijan, any other country in such a situation would not even think of joining the military-defense organization together with the country, which had occupied its territory”.

It should be noted, while talking with journalists in Erevan, the CF chairman on CIS issues said in a statement, “the Americans will do their utmost to pull out Georgia from the CIS membership, as the oil and gas pipelines go through this country. A special attention is also paid to Azerbaijan, taking into account the Caspian oil reserves. The oil resources are one of the reasons for the Azerbaijan’s denial to be involved in CSTO.