Every candidate to receive 1m AZM during by-elections

Politics Materials 26 January 2006 17:20

Every candidate will receive 1 million non-denominated manats (AZM) during the by-elections scheduled for 13 May 2006, Vidadi Mahmudlu, the Secretary of the Central Elections Commission (CEC), told Trend.

Every candidate received 1million manats during the 6 November 2005 parliamentary elections.

According to Mahmudlu, it is planned to allocate the funds in the same amount during the by-elections. He also did not exclude the possible alternation of the figure. Thus, the candidates who failed to collect over 3% of electors votes will have to return the funds that they have received to the public budget.

The CEC also appealed to the courts file individually actions on 1240 candidates to MP, who have not returned the budget funds, he stressed.