Azadlig block held round table dedicated to problems of Azerbaijanis living in Iran

Politics Materials 20 June 2006 19:47

On June 20, block Azadlig (Freedom) hold a round table on topic Problems of our compatriots living in Iran and main tasks facing Azerbaijani society. The event brought together leaders of the block, political parties, heads of non-governmental organizations, deputies, law-defenders, employees of Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan and others.

Touching on events taken place in Iran, co-chair of Azadlig block Ali Karimov noted the importance that this movement had to be on the focus of attention of public. Then a report on recent events in Iran was delivered. The reports was prepared by the commission of the block on work with Azerbaijanis living abroad.

Jahangir Bayoglu, the head of the committee on support to national movement of South Azerbaijan, noted that the event taken place in Iran dont happen through support from outside.

The leader of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (Classics) Mirmahmud Miralioglu remembered that the first idea on single Azerbaijan was stated by Abulfaz Elchibay. He noted the importance of concentrating all forces in the issue of incidents in South Azerbaijan.

Azeri parliament deputy Sabir Rustamkhanli proposed to host a Forum in relation with the national movement in South Azerbaijan. By contacting the participants of the round table with telephone, the immigrant from South Azerbaijan Beyuk Rasuloglu gave information about the events in Iran. According to him, in result of events 25 persons have died and there are wounded and arrested persons.

Mustafa Mashadli, the first secretary of Iranian embassy, stressed that no person has died during the actions. According to him, the Iranian president and the head of Iranian parliament condemned the publication of a cartoon of Azerbaijanis, and offenders were punished, but the actions of Azerbaijanis dont take the character of national movement.