Nasir Aghayev: Azerbaijan Must Acquire Big Friends and Do Away With Small Enemies

Politics Materials 9 August 2006 18:44 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan cannot jeopardize its independence because of not so closer states that also do not defense the Azerbaijani people`s interests, the leader of the Party of national Movement of Azerbaijan Nasir Aghayev told Trend commenting the Israeli-Lebanese conflict.

He underlined that some countries` geostrategical interests are behind this conflict. No doubt, shedding Lebanon thousand sitizens` blood, Israel does not avenge its two captured soldiers. The logic is in other thing. The happening developments show that the UN double standards towards the world events trigger little countries` involving in conflicts. Here they pursue their own ends, he told.

He expressed his regret that some forces in Azerbaijan supports Lebanon on the religious principle. We should not forget that in hostilities for Karabakh many Lebanese citizens Armenians got to take part in the conflict shed the blood of thousands of Azerbaijanis. That is why we can not express our attitude on the religious or other principles. We could approach to these or those events from the point of justice, he underlined.

N. Aghayev also pointed out that the silence of the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Parliament of Europe on the Israeli-Lebanese conflict developments let us know about skeptical aspects. The Parliament of Europe which is considered to be the cradle of democracy on June 27 1987 proposed to mark the anniversary of the so-called Armenian Genocide in Armenia, he told.

According to him, both Hesbollah and Asalah signed an agreement to act jointly. When the Azerbaijan Democratic Republicwas fallen in 1920, we hoped that the Turkish Republic would be kept. That is why we sacrificed our independence. Now Azerbaijan cannot jeopardize t its independence because of not so closer countries that do not support our interests either. Azerbaijan must acquire big friends and do away with small enemies, he underlined.

Political experts note that the leader of Asalah hold systematical consultations with the Armenian leadership. The members of this organization also represented in the force bodies of the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Many Armenians from Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, and France are got to take part in Asalah trainings in Beirut. During the Karabakh war Asalah and Dashnaktsutun announced mobilization of Armenian young people from all around the world to take part in the hostilities. If the hostilities are resumed, the most of Asalah members will be directed to Karabakh. Near the airport located in the Gorge of Beka Asalah organizes field trainings. Armenians also grow there drugs and send them to Europe. Despite the fact that bearing of arm was prohibited in Lebanon, Lebanese Armenians organize small firms and get Asalah members as security guards to freely bear arms.