Antalya 10th Congress of Turkic States and National Entities Made Final Statement

Politics Materials 21 September 2006 15:54 (UTC +04:00)

Several recommended decisions have been taken as a result of the10th Congress of Turkic States & National Entities being held in Antalya, Turkey. The document published in the Turkish press today, speaks particularly about the necessity of creating the scientific, bureaucratic, and structural bases aimed at the foundation of the Union of Turkic States. A special actions plan is considered to be worked out in this context.

Within the Congress, there were appeals on the immediate lifting of the political, economic, cultural, and sport isolation from the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus that could allow the development of the co-operation between the Turkic states and Northern Cyprus.

The participants of the Congress claimed the inadmissibility in the changing of the demographic situation in Northern Iraq, particularly in the northern Iraqi City of Kerkuk.

Anxieties on the impossibility of holding an unbiased referendum in this situation were also underlined.

The necessity to cement the energy corridor between the Turkic states was also noted, and that, in the opinion of the participants, have further ongoing strategic goals.

Notably, the 9th Turkish President Seleyman Demiral took part in the final day of the Congress, and the final statement was read by Turkey`s State Minister Bashir Altay.