Amendments Concerning Former Public Holidays moved to Labour Code

Politics Materials 8 December 2006 15:46 (UTC +04:00)

The regular sitting of the Milli Majlis (Parliament) has been held today with certain changes concerning public holidays being passed to the Labour Code of the Country, Trend reports.

Ogtay Assadov, Azerbaijan's Speaker proposed to introduce an issue on passing the amendments to the Labour Code to the agenda of the sitting. However, this was met with opposition. However, after the issue was introduced to the agenda through voting, the issue on moving the amendments to the Code was taken to consideration.

Khadi Radjabli, Chairman of the Permanent Commission for Social Policy of the Milli Majlis, reported of the changes to be made to the Labour Code. He said that this issue was discussed during the joint sitting of the Commission which he headed as well as the Commission for Legal Policy. Mr. Radjabli added that on the basis of amendments to be passed to the Labour Code, some holidays were envisaged to celebrate longer than they had been celebrated before, and some ones, on the contrary, would be announced workdays. The main aim of the changes is to celebrate some holidays longer, particularly those connected with national and spiritual values. At the same time, we have foreseen the financial capabilities of the State Budget, as well as the international experience, said Kh. Radjabli.

According to the amendments, the Novruz Bayrami (the Spring Holiday) will be celebrated for 5 days, the Id-al-Atkha for two days. The following holidays will be classed as working days, Independence Day (October 18), Constitution Day (November 12) Revival Day (November 17).

After Mr. Radjabli speech, the MPs discussed the issue. MPs Igbal Alizadeh, Panah Husseyn, Arzu Sammadbayli, Aynur Guliyeva each gave a speech on behalf of the opposition. They pointed out that passing these amendments was inadmissible. According to them, the holidays which have now become work days are of a political nature. MPs Siyavush Novruzov, Aydin Mirzazadeh, Musa Guliye, and Vice-Speaker Bahar Mouradova responded to the opposition members pointing out that the amendments had been moved to the Labour Code and were not of a political nature.

The Azerbaijani Speaker resolved the situation by pointing out that the present amendments to the Labour Code would not envisage cancellation of the holidays, they just would be working days.

After a long discussion, the amendments were passed.