MP Aydin Mirzazadeh: No Need for Defense Ministry to Make Report for Milli Majlis

Politics Materials 20 December 2006 20:48 (UTC +04:00)

MP Aydin Mirzazadeh, a member of the Permanent Commission for Defense Issue of the Milli Majlis, a member of the Political Council of Ruling Yeni Azerbaycan Party informed journalists that there was no need in the Azerbaijan Defence Ministry to prepare the report to the Milli Majlis.

A group of Azerbaijani MP forwarded a proposal that the Defense Minister of the Country should make a report at the Milli Majlis in order to ensure the transparency in the budget expenditures considered for the National Army.

Mr. Mirzazadeh said that the Supreme Commander-in-Chief periodically heard how expenditures allotted for the Army went on. In general there is no practice when the Defense Minister prepares a report to deliver it to the Parliament. If there is no such practice anywhere, then why should Azerbaijan do it? And what will be the outcome? said the MP.