Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Minister: Ukraine Sees Great Perspectives in Carrying Azerbaijani Oil via Baku-Supsa-Odessa

Politics Materials 27 December 2006 16:33 (UTC +04:00)
Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Minister: Ukraine Sees Great Perspectives in Carrying Azerbaijani Oil via Baku-Supsa-Odessa

Trend's Exclusive Interview with Yuriy Boyko, Ukraine Fuel and Energy Minister

-Which perspectives of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Ukraine in the energy sector are the subjects during negotiations between the two countries?

- Azerbaijan resource base is rapidly developing. It concerns both extraction and the general development dynamics. Our transit capacities bordering with EU are quite enough, and I think that we have wide perspectives on carrying Azerbaijan oil via the route Baku-Supsa-Odessa, as an inevitable moment will emerge. Today, Azerbaijan has enough transit capacities to export oil to Europe, however, taking into account the increase in the oil production in two years, we shall face the moment when additional capacities will be needed, and we are ready to offer our pipe Odessa-Brody and the oil transportation model.

- Which issues of the cooperation within the above-mentioned project were viewed during your visit to Baku?

- We viewed principal issues: appointing bilateral commissions taking into consideration the fact that we are ready to present our business-plan as well as to show which way it will develop. The pipeline capacity will depend on the Azerbaijan party. We consider that you will face exceed in two years, taking into consideration that Azerbaijan will additionally produce some 7-8 mln. tons of oil per year. I think that the pipe can be filed with oil much faster if Azerbaijan will join it. The Russian or Kazakhstan party will fill the pipe longer if Azerbaijan will not join them. It is not so crucial to us, but that would be very useful.

Which perspectives on cooperation in gas supplies are viewed between Azerbaijan and Ukraine?

- We have not had negotiations on gas yet, since Azerbaijan is currently buying it, the same as Ukraine does. Taking into consideration that Azerbaijan partners on the project on the development of gas condensate field Shahdaniz have solved the issue on exporting gas to Turkey via SCP (South Caucasian Gas Pipeline), therefore we do not see the exceed in this issue.

- Which other directions in cooperation are possible between the two countries?

-Taking into consideration that oil fields have been run out in our countries by 80-90%, we are ready to offer technical methods that will allow increasing the daily production rate in the well. We are applying this technology in the country, and we would like to offer it to our Azerbaijani partners.