Azerbaijani Gymnasts Have Original Style of Performing - Irina Viner

Politics Materials 11 April 2007 19:01 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr. Trend Z.Safarov / Irina Viner needs no introduction. The famous coach for the Russian national callisthenic team has trained so many sportswomen with world titles and successes at the Olympic games, the world and European championships, who still dominate the international arena, that she is a sports celebrity herself. She actively provides consultation to Azerbaijani gymnasts, who secure their position with the elite. Viner shared with Trend her views on Azerbaijan's athletes' progress over the last while.

Question: Irina Alexandrovna, what do you predict will be the result of the Azerbaijani championship?

Answer: It has become a difficult and nervous battle. The gymnasts try to introduce themselves as best they can to boost their chances for entering the national team who will join the European championship in Baku. In compliance with the regulations every country can send maximum of three gymnasts to participate in the tournament. So, the battle to qualify is not easy. Moreover, Zeynab Javadli, a promising gymnast, is striving to become one of the elite, providing competition for Dinara Gimatova, Anna Gurbanova and Aliya Garayeva. In this situation, not only mastery, but also strong nerves play a key role. Some faults in the gymnasts' performances demonstrate that they should continue upgrading their skills.

Question: What is the current status of the Azerbaijani national team, taking into consideration the increasing rivalry?

Answer: Regarding individuals, Aliya Garayeva is a universal, strong and brave sportswoman. Her performance excites the spectators and referees. Earlier, some countries could admit to the progress of your school, because the national team has essentially improved its position. It was possible thanks to productive work done by the Federation headed by Mehriban Aliyeva. Thus, Aliya actually made a very good impression and was rewarded at the World Cup tournament in Moscow.

As to Dinara Gimatova, her talent lies in feminity and sensuous plays. She has a good reputation and is well known in the world of calisthenics. The coming season is very important for her.

Anna Gurbanova is hard-working and dedicated to her style. She substituted Gimatova at the Athens Olympic Games and generally, coped with the psychological burden. Anna works hard and is trying to enter the national team in the European championship.

Zeynab Javadli possesses very good skills, but she needs to make some adjustments. She has recently entered the category of seniors and is a strong competitor. I can't say how she will perform in the approaching Euro-2007, but by the world championship in September Zeynab will essentially improve.

Question: What is the key strength that is particular to the training of Azerbaijani gymnasts?

Answer: They have special an emotional charge, the gymnasts all have a peculiar style of performance, which affects their movements and other components. Moreover, there is original national color.

Question: What can Azerbaijani gymnasts expect from the European championship to be held in Baku?

Answer: The national team is in great condition, enough to enter the top three as a result of an overall team score. However, this sort of competition requires iron nerves. For instance, during the recent championship the Russian champion of 2005, Olga Kapranova, ranked 7th in all-round competitions, this reveals how tense competition can be. Of course, grades are high and the host can offer surprises.

Question: Taking into consideration the frequency of the organization of international tournaments in Baku is it possible to say that Azerbaijan has become a world centre for callisthenic sports?

Answer: Indeed, you have experience in the organization of the biggest tournaments. With an ulterior motive, Baku was entrusted with organizing a European championship, taking into consideration the brilliant holding of the World Championship in 2005. Moreover, the president of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, Mehriban Ailyeva, is a highly intellectual person, who well-realizes the role of sports in society. Her activities excite admiration.