Musavat Leader Unwilling to Hold Talks around Artificial Issues

Politics Materials 27 April 2007 16:54 (UTC +04:00)
Musavat Leader Unwilling to Hold Talks around Artificial Issues

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr Trend E.Huseynli / Trend's exclusive interview with leader of Musavat Party, Isa Gambar

Question: Some changes were made in the text of the US Department of State Report on Human Rights in Armenia's favor and only after Baku's protest the original version of the text was restored. What are your views on such changeable policy by Washington?

Answer: A section of the Report on Azerbaijan was formulated in the way meeting Azerbaijan's interests, while the section on Armenia was changed under the Armenian authorities' pressures in the way meeting their interests. Indeed, here it is dealt with US position of not deteriorating the relationships with either of sides.

Obviously, Azerbaijan cannot agree upon such position and was right demanding Washington to demonstrate a principle position in this issue.

At the same time, I do not think this fact to cause tension in the relationships with the United States. The cooperation with the United States meets Azerbaijan's interests and for us it is very important to expand these bonds.

Question: The Azerbaijan government is currently in talks with the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe in connection with injecting supplements and changes to the Elections Code. Will the sides come to a consensus?

Answer: Proposal by Musavat on the improvement of the Election Code and formation of commissions on the parity basis between the government and opposition will remain in force in the subsequent years. We appraise this position by international organizations, including the Venice Commission. Of course, we support the successful completion of talks.

Question: Is the candidacy of a delegate to be represented at the PACE delegation matter of principle for Musavat?

Answer: We fully rely on Intizam Akberli and other MPs from Musavat. In accordance with the necessary standards, the Azerbaijani opposition should be represented in the Azerbaijani delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). On the other hand, Musavat occupied second place after the ruling New Azerbaijan Party for the number of representatives at the Parliament.

Nasib Nasibli should take the vacancy allocated for Musavat. We relate our insistence with his experience as an ambassador and in the sphere of international relationships. Nasibli is fluent in English and Russian. . It would be unserious to resist our resolution.

Question: How do you estimate the current state of Azerbaijani opposition?

Answer: Currently the government restricts the democratic developments in Azerbaijan. Despite all problems, the Azerbaijani opposition continues be the strongest in the post-Soviet area.

Question: What are your views on the format of talks for removal of obstacles on the way of joint cooperation of the opposition?

Answer: Being Musavat party we struggle for democratic changes in the country and in the direction of resolution of problems of Azerbaijan. We respect all those who are with us in this struggle and those who fight separately. We are eager to hold talks around artificial issues.

Question: Which of the two camps of the recently split Democratic Party does Musavat recognize?

Answer: The developments ongoing within the Azerbaijani Democratic Party (ADP) are getting clarified. One of sides refused from the name and decided to function under a different name, which actually simplified the situation.

In the near future a congress of another wing of the party will also be held. Afterwards, they will introduce their political course, which will enable to estimate the situation and take relevant decisions.

Every side seems to be inclined to democratic cooperation. One of sides has appealed to Musavat for the establishment of cooperation with the party.

Question: How do you approach the opposition policy on unification within blocs?

Answer: It is not so important matter. The most important is the democratic and transparent elections. Musavat has its own approach towards the elections and we always supported the participation in the elections. Indeed, the party will nominate its candidates during the forthcoming presidential elections.