Changes in Israeli Government

Politics Materials 4 July 2007 19:32 (UTC +04:00)
Changes in Israeli Government

Israel, Jerusalem / Тrend cor Y. Mishiyev / New appointments to Ministry positions were confirmed on 4 June at the meeting of Israeli Government. The appointments will be submitted to Knesset (Israeli Parliament) in the evening for approval.

The necessity in the appointments was mentioned long ago. However, the Prime Minister, Ekhud Olmert, waited for several months, as the matter dealt with the most important ministerial portfolios.

Notably, at the end of May - in the beginning of June the chairman of the Avoda party was elected. The trade union leader and the Defence Minister, Amir Perets, was replaced by the former Prime-Minister, General Ekhud Barak. He headed the party and replaced Amir Perets in the position of Defence Minister.

Shimon Peres won the presidential elections held on 13 June in Israel. As a result, the positions he occupied (the First Vice-Premier and the Minister in Charge of Development of Negeva and Galilei Regions) were vacated.

The Finance Minister, Abraham Girshzon, who was accused of financial gerrymander and abuse of power, has recently retired.

All the aforementioned events made Ekhud Olmert propose redistribution of portfolios.

The Government approved the following appointments: Khaim Ramon was appointed the First Vice-Premier, while Jacob Edri was appointed the Minster in Charge of Development of Negeva and Galilei Regions. Roni Bar-On changed the portfolio of Interior Minister for the portfolio of Finance Minister, while the former Construction Minster, Meir Shitrit, was appointed the Interior Minsiter. The Absorption Minister, Zeev Boym, was appointed the Construction Minster. The Minister of Absorption will be publicized later. Rukhama Abraham, who headed the commission of Knesset, was appointed the Minister without portfolio.

As a result of the perturbations the positions of the supporters of the Prime-Minster, Ekhud Olmert, within his Kadima party got fortified. The closest to him person now is the First Vice-Premier, Khaim Ramon.

The final decision on the appointments will be publicized in the evening. No doubts that Knesset will approve the appointments.