Iranian Politician States Many Countries Dread Iran’s Threatening Force

Politics Materials 15 August 2007 15:04 (UTC +04:00)
Iranian Politician States Many Countries Dread Iran’s Threatening Force

Azerbaijan, Baku /corr. Trend D.Khatynoglu / Russia and China's support to the third resolution of the UN Security Council against Iran is linked with the probability of Iran's transforming into a strong country in Middle Asia.

"The first reason for the immediate reaction of the foreign forces against the nuclear program of Iran is the dangerous strengthening of Iran in the region," said the Iranian politician who functions in the USA and is also the Editor-In-Chief of the 'International' magazine, Mohsen Ebrahimi.

On 13 August the BBC channel advised the Foreign Relations Committee of the British Parliament to toughen up the sanctions with regards to Iran. In addition, the channel informed of the expansion of Iran's interference in the Near East and strengthening of the crisis.

Ebrahimi said on 14 August from Toronto via telephone that the most important result of the successive visits of the representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and discussions became the third resolution against Iran.

"The UN Security Council approved the third resolution against Iran. This resolution is linked with the atomic program of Iran," Ibrahimi said. UN Security Council member countries including Russia and China are for the first time supporting the USA in resolution against Iran.

Ebrahimi noted that Russia has signed an agreement with Iran on provision Bushehr nuclear station with fuel. However, Russia has recently dramatically decreased nuclear fuel supplies to Iran. Russia says that Iran has large debts to the country due to Iran's nuclear program. Nevertheless, the reason is different. Obtaining a nuclear bomb, Iran wants to become the single power in the region from the standpoint of political and nuclear sphere. Russia regards fortification of Islamic movement, especially in the countries located north of Iran, as a threat. Therefore, taking Iran's debts as an excuse, Russia impedes development of the nuclear program.

Along with military sanctions imposed for sale of armaments to Iran, the third resolution includes an economic sanction which demands to freeze foreign accounts of Iranian's Saderat and Sipah banks. Thus, foreign bank accounts of the chairmen of Iranian Sipah Pasdaran military forces were restricted.

"Despite harsh reactions and economic sanctions Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and other forces, insist on the creation of a nuclear bomb," the politician noted.

He sees no trouble with Iran's nuclear activities and even in production of peaceful nuclear energy.

" Iran has enough oil and gas reserves. Moreover, it is not known where the wastes of nuclear activities will be liquidated," he said.