Britney Spears bribes Kevin Federline

Society Materials 17 September 2007 10:24 (UTC +04:00)
Britney Spears bribes Kevin Federline

(popmatters.com) - According to reports , troubled pop singer, Britney Spears is so desperate to stop ex-lover Kevin Federline from going to court to get sole custody of their two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston, because she fears K-Fed will dish up so much dirt, she'll lose the case, that she is prepared to bribe him.

According to British newspaper The News Of The World, a close friend of Spears said: "She is a caring devoted mum despite her crazy lifestyle. The kids mean the world to her.

"However she has finally come to terms with the fact that the way things are heading, she is going to lose them.

Kevin Federline is seeking to have the children 70 per cent of the time, which will obviously mean Britney will only get the kids 30 per cent of the time. Now, according to reports - Britney hopes Federline will change his mind - in return for cash.

"She is absolutely petrified at that thought-and she knows she will not win full custody. So she has decided to reach a compromise with Kevin where she will have most custody."

"It was a terrible day for Britney," said her friend.

"But instead of going out clubbing to try to escaped her problems as she has done in the past, she stayed at home crying all night."

The friend added: "If he got custody it would mean massive sums in child maintenance and that is what Britney thinks he is after," said the pal.

"She thinks if she gives him a wad of dollars he can go take it and knock himself out!"