Milla Jovovich shows what NOT to wear when you are pregnant

Society Materials 3 October 2007 11:02
Milla Jovovich shows what NOT to wear when you are pregnant

(dailymail.co.uk) - Heavily pregnant Milla Jovovich, who recently revealed she has gained almost five stone in just four months, did little to complement her enormous bump at a red carpet appearance last night.

Wearing a full length billowing silk gown at the world premiere of Resident Evil: Extinction, the former model's outfit looked to be an example of what not to wear in the final stages of pregnancy.

Still, Jovovich, who at eight months pregnant is expected to give birth any day now, was all smiles as she posed at the Las Vegas event with her mother Galina.

The star of the third film in the horror series is engaged to Resident Evil writer and producer Paul WS Anderson.

The actress, who is also the co-creator of clothing line Jovovich-Hawk, recently spoke of her changing body.

Milla wrote on her website: "I am so huge you guys! I've gained almost 70 pounds (5st) in the last 4 months!

"It's unbelievable how quickly it all happened, all i did was eat three bagels every morning with butter, peanut butter and jelly all over them, a few boxes of Krispy Creme donuts for lunch and boom! I'm tipping the scale at 195!"

"Man, that came out of nowhere! Well maybe not completely out of nowhere!".

It's unclear if the actress is giving birth to more than one baby, but if that happy event did occur, it might not be such a huge surprise!