How Kate Moss' partying is ruining her looks

Society Materials 20 October 2007 10:17
How Kate Moss' partying is ruining her looks

(dailymail.co.uk) - Model Kate Moss' once stunning looks have been eroded by her party lifestyle - and here is the proof.

With her head in her hands, and clearly struggling after attending the Swarovski Fashion Rocks for the Prince's Trust after party at London nightclub Paper, a worse for wear Kate reveals how her non-stop partying is prematurely ageing her.

Her gaunt face, and sunken eyes betray a life of late nights, excessive alcohol, and smoking.

Her once lithe limbs look scrawny and bruised. And her bony knees protrude from her coltish limbs, which carry not a spare ounce of fat.

With her head in her hands, and struggling to focus, Kate's 24-hour party lifestyle is in danger of exacting a dangerous toll on her rapidly shrinking body.

The beauty that has brought her a millionaire's lifestyle is at present being maintained by a combination of cool haircuts and artfully applied make-up. But how long will that mask the effects of her constant nights outs?

After a few hours on the town, and no doubt a few glasses of wine, she looked somewhat haggard, as well as somewhat tipsy.

Kate emerged from nightclub Paper, and fell into a waiting car with new love, Kills frontman, Jamie Hince.

Kate and Jamie immediately locked together in a passionate embrace - like a pair of lovestruck teenagers - as they kissed in the back of the car.

For Kate it was clearly a case of Pete who? - as she and Jamie locked lips completely oblivious to the watching paparazzi.

Hours after her arrival at the A-list bash - to which she wore a 1920s-style flapper dress dripping with 60,000 Swarovski crystal beads in silver, grey and antique green worth ?40,000 - the 32-year-old model looked the worse for wear.

Which was not surprising as it was her third night out in succession this week.

Kate's night started with cocktails at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, where she met up with pal Beth Ditto, before moving onto nightclub Paper.

Last night's round of partying topped off a whirlwind week for the supermodel who launched her Christmas fashion range at Topshop earlier this week with her own A-list bash.

Supermodels, rock stars and royalty had earlier turned out for the Swarovski Fashion Rocks extravaganza. The concert at London's Royal Albert Hall was held to raise money for the Prince's Trust.

The red carpet was more like a catwalk as a succession of celebrities showed off some stunning gowns.

Kate's dress - estimated to cost ?40,000 - was made by Topshop, for whom Moss has designed her own clothes range.

It will be auctioned on eBay from this morning with proceeds going to the Prince's Trust.

That's if it survived the night.