Jennifer Lopez on love, marriage and children - just don't mention the bump

Society Materials 26 October 2007 11:51 (UTC +04:00)
Jennifer Lopez on love, marriage and children - just don't mention the bump

(dailymail.co.uk) - Every time she goes on stage during her concert tour, she's dressed in a floaty top. She walks into the room in a cream, baggy sweater and has booked three months leave next year.

Even her mother is said to have confirmed the pregnancy. How many clues does she have to give?

But the one person who won't talk about Jennifer Lopez expecting a baby is Jennifer Lopez.

For years she's been talking about having children. When she was dating Ben Affleck she told me how she would never bring her children up on a high-carb diet like the one she was raised on.

She said: "I've planned my children's diets. You start thinking about your own food longings and how it would be helpful for them to eat more vegetables."

And the last time we met she told me at some length about her wanting a baby, how "it's the biggest blessing you can have. If it happens, you rearrange your life from there".

Now she has rearranged her life to not work so obsessively and to take time off in the spring for that three-month break. This is unheard of for Lopez.

So is this an indication that she will put everything else on hold for the much longed-for baby?

"This will be my 30th child," she quips, referring to how many times before that newspapers have reported she's pregnant. She doesn't want to come out with it directly, but says quietly: "You know I have always wanted that."

I ask if she's had a hard time trying, having read the rumours about endless IVF. "Not necessarily, no," she says, and laughs.

Even now, she's not directly confirming or denying it. Maybe she's superstitious and doesn't want to tempt fate as it's still early days.

Maybe she's simply not pregnant and doesn't want to admit to that either. She's deliberately trying to be vague.

Today, her skin glows and she looks voluptuous. She is calmer and more contented. It seems perfect timing to start a family. Her relationship with her third husband, Puerto Rican singer, Marc Anthony, is solid.