Nicole Kidman’s new movie upsets Christian groups

Society Materials 31 October 2007 16:34
Nicole Kidman’s new movie upsets Christian groups

(news.sawf.org) - The Moulin Rouge star, who is a practicing Catholic, stars in The Golden Compass, an adaptation of outspoken atheist Philip Pullman's first novel in the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy which many critics believe tells the story of a girl on a quest to kill God.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, said: "These books denigrate Christianity, thrash the Catholic Church and sell the virtues of atheism.

"They're intentionally watering down the most offensive element. I'm not really concerned about the movie, which looks fairly innocuous. The movie is made from the books.

"It's a deceitful, stealth campaign. Pullman is hoping his books will fly off the shelves at Christmas time."

New Line Cinema, who produce the movie, have made an effort to keep the religious themes to a minimum in the film, but Christian groups fear children who enjoy the film will read the books.

A New Line spokesman said: "'The Golden Compass' is an entertaining fantasy about love, courage, responsibility and freedom. We look forward to the December 7 opening."

Pullman said: "This must be the only film attacked in the same week for being too religious and for being anti-religious - and by people who haven't seen it.

"I have very friendly and happy relations with the filmmakers, and I'm very happy with what they are doing."