CE Secretary-General to Consider Armenia’s Political Prisoners

Society Materials 17 April 2008 14:03 (UTC +04:00)

France, Strasburg, 17 April / Trend corr A. Maharramli, K. Zarbaliyeva/ Terry Davis, the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe (CE), will analyze the issues regarding Armenia's political prisoners. He made this report to journalists at a press conference in Strasburg on 16 April in response to a question 'Is Armenia experiencing the political prisoner problem?'

According to Davis, the opposition mood of any person towards the Government does not provide the grounds to make him a political prisoner. And it is wrong to identify each person arrested as a 'political prisoner'.

Davis stated that clarification should first of all be made as to the reason why each person was arrested. "Each case must be considered individually. I must have authentic information before commenting on whether they are political prisoners based on public statements.

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