Illegally Students Number 700 in Azerbaijan

Society Materials 20 June 2008 17:02 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 20 June / corr. Trend J.Babayeva / The number of the Azerbaijani students, who got illegal high education, reached 700 people, and some of them were illegally transferred to Azerbaijani Universities from foreign universities, Maleyka Abbaszade, chairman of the State Commission on Students Admission (SCSA), told journalists in Baku on 20 June.

Abbaszade said that 510 of all BSCs applying for MS or MA studies were illegal graduates of universities.

According to Abbaszade, 32 of BSCs studied in foreign countries. "Most of 700 BSCs, who applied for MS or MA studies, were transferred to Azerbaijani universities from foreign ones. About 150-200 students were transferred illegally to Azerbaijani universities from Dagestan, St-Petersburg, and Moscow within a year," she said.

Abbaszade said that these students failed to score necessary points during the entrance examinations held by the SCSA. "They could not enter any university, while in the same year they entered universities in Dagestan and were illegally transferred to the private and state Azerbaijani Universities after a year," chairman of the SCSA said.

Entrance examinations to MS or MA will be held on 22 June. However, the students, who were illegally transferred to the Azerbaijani universities and got diploma, have a right to participate in these entrance examinations.

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