No Care towards National Minorities in Georgia: Political Expert

Society Materials 21 November 2008 11:27 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, November 21/ Trend , corr J. Babayeva/ There is no care towards national minorities in Georgia, Georgian political expert Mamuka Areshidze said.

"For many years Georgia did not pursue proper policy towards fulfillment of the commitments undertaken to the Council of Europe in the sphere of protection of rights of national minorities. Integration of national minorities to the Georgian society took place only at the initiative of representatives of minorities themselves," Areshidze said to Trend in Baku.

In December, representatives of National Minorities Committee of the Council of Europe will visit Tbilisi and will conduct monitoring on to what extent the government fulfils commitments in this sphere.

In 2005, the Georgian parliament ratified European framework convention Protection of National Minorities and Georgian authorities launched working out state policy in the sphere of integration.

Alibala Asgarov, head of Geyrat people's movement of Azerbaijanis living in Georgia said in previous interview with Trend that national minorities in Georgia face problems in the sphere of education, employment and purchasing land plots. "The government does not take steps to address problems of national minorities. There is also no any legal framework for this," Alasgarov said.

Areshidze said there is legal framework in Georgia to address problems of national minorities, but it does not actually work. "Therefore, smart and intelligent representatives of national minorities leave for Azerbaijan or Russia," political expert said.

He said a special department must be set up to deal with the integration of minorities to the Georgian society.

"National minorities should also be involved in this process. It would be better if energetic persons represented their minority in the parliament and who could struggle for their nation and country. Administrative bodies should also include representatives of national minorities. There are a lot of smart people among Azerbaijanis in Georgia who can be appointed to position in the governmental agencies," Areshidze added.

The problems of national minorities should be solved in a patient and sensible way as by not solving problems of national minorities, the government itself disintegrates.

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