Top official: Journalists in Azerbaijan should be professionals and patriots

Society Materials 19 July 2011 18:12 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Social and Political Department Chief Ali Hasanov believes that the is becoming better in the country.
Top official: Journalists in Azerbaijan should be professionals and patriots

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 19 / Trend E.Huseynli /

Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Social and Political Department Chief Ali Hasanov believes that the is becoming better in the country.

"The country is getting better press. In this sense, those, who continue the traditions and norms of the press, develop it and provide information to Azerbaijani society, differ from those, who came to the press with no good intentions. Little by little, today's press begins
to move away from the 'untrue' press, which gives rise to optimism about the future of the Azerbaijani national press," Hasanov said in an interview with Trend.

Much work has been carried out to develop the press in recent years.

Hasanov said the state has done considerable work on the development of the press.

"The concept of the state support to the media development has been adopted. The Fund for State Support to Media Development was established in this regard. A particular attention is aways given to those working in press. The president signed decrees in different years associated with the press. All these are evidence to that the state supports the press," he said.

He said the Azerbaijani society gradually began to distinguish good press from the bad, and began to prefer the good press. One can also record changes related to advertising and sale of the newspapers.

"Given this, we can say that the state of media is improving in Azerbaijan day by day. Azerbaijan has an independent press, freedom of speech, press and information. Every journalist has the opportunity to gather information about any event, processes of the state building, activity of particular officials and activities of one or another sphere, freely analyze and disseminate this information, " Hasanov said.

He said the state of e-information is also improving

"Azerbaijan has recorded serious changes related to the activities of television and radio in recent years. Azerbaijan is increasingly expanding activities of the central and regional television and other e- media, radio, Internet television and radio, the Internet media.
Azerbaijan is represented in the modern information space with its press and media facilities, whose activities are constantly expanding," Hasanov said.

Those working in journalism should both professionals and patriots.

Hasanov said every journalist, along with the fact that he is a journalist, is also a citizen, bearer of national and spiritual values ​​and defender of the country's interests.

"We have repeatedly spoke about this and now appeal to the Azerbaijani journalists urging them not to forget that they represent Azerbaijan. So that they did not forget that the material, moral and social problems of this country, as well as issues related to the security of this country belong to them themselves and their families.

Let the journalists, following the principles of freedom of speech and press in their activities, not to forget about the feeling of patriotism, not to support the dirty goals and activities of some states directed against Azerbaijan. We have often talked about it.
Most countries passing through the transition period faced this, we also have and probably will. The main thing here is that it did not become a trend and did not acquire mass. People working in the field of journalism in Azerbaijan should be not only professionals, but also patriotic. They must love their country, their homeland and take care of it," Hasanov said.

Azerbaijani society should condemn racket-journalism

Hasanov believes the Azerbaijani society should condemn the journalism, which is involved racketing, falsehood, slander and offense.

"First of all the public should not buy such newspapers. It ought to refuse from buying and reading such publications. Imagine there are newspapers in Azerbaijan, which are published once a week, and target to blacken anyone, insult and collect false information about these people and make them do anything by threatening them.

One cannot bring himself to name them newspapers. In this regard, the Press Council acted in the right way, launching a serious struggle against them.

This is the public demand. We can say almost 70 -80 percent of such weekly publications have been unmasked. The Azerbaijani society well knows a list of newspapers, which were involved in racketing, threatened people, slandered people for different reasons. We will
fight against them should they appear anew. I would repeat that journalists, violating functions of press, Code of Dignity, should be out of press organs and newspapers," Hasanov said.

Work to address journalists' social problems to continue

Hasanov said work to address journalists' social problems will continue in Azerbaijan.

"This work will further continue. As one knows, press received one-time financial aid through the Fund last year in accordance with the president's relevant decree. Grants were allocated to improve logistics base. Construction of building for media employees is about to commence. The state carries out work to improve housing conditions of press employee to strengthen social protection of those in need.

Similar work will continue in future. The government takes important steps to improve journalists' professionalism, to upgrade their professional activities. Particular attention is paid to enlarge enriching journalists' experience, education, and foreign language
skills. There is an appeal by the state to improve advertisement activities of newspapers. There are definite ideas in this field. We are thinking over improving financial state of these newspapers," Hasanov said.

Housing to be granted to those having a right to it

According to Hasanov, the construction of a building allocated for journalists is nearly to commence. The building has its technical passport and necessary documents and its constcution will commence soon.

"Apartments will be given to representatives of the Azerbaijani media who most of all have right. First of all those who has right to it, who worked in the Azerbaijani media for many years, and carry out work to develop journalism will be provided with housing. Afterwards, those seriously in need of housing will be provided with apartments," Hasanov underscored.