Famous travel blogger writes article about Shirvanshahs’ Palace in Azerbaijan (PHOTO)

Society Materials 30 December 2013 15:56 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan. Dec. 30


Famous British travel blogger Paul Steele has published an article on his blog about Azerbaijan's magnificent historical building - the Shirvanshahs' Palace.

The blogger said in his article that on one of his last visits to Azerbaijan he visited Baku's Old City.

"An ancient walled inner city that although a monument, is still lived in, within the old inner walls. A quite remarkable area that I try to see on each trip there," he said.

The blogger visited the Shirvanshahs' Palace built at the top end of the Old City and shared photos of the palace on his blog.

"Just stepping into the courtyard and looking out you got some great views of the old city houses just in front and below with a modern city rising behind," he wrote.

Steele also wrote about the history of Shirvanshahs.

"The Shirvanshahs were the rulers of Shirvan, a land located within modern Azerbaijan," the blogger said.

He noted that the Shirvanshahs' old capital of Shemakha, suffered many a great earthquakes, that is why in the early 15th century the ruler of the Shirvanshahs state, Ibrahim I of Shirvan, took the decision to move the capital to Baku and to start building a palace.

Steele said that in its own time the palace was even more magnificent.

"Domes sit above in the ceiling of the main building, inscriptions are everywhere, great doorways leading to grand open rooms," he said.

The blogger also wrote about the mausoleum which Shirvanshah Khalilullah I built for his mother and son.

Steele also wrote that in 1501 the Safavid conquests came and took the area and ended the Shirvanshah Dynasty here.

"We are lucky to have such a place to see as Shirvanshahs' Palace," Steele said.