Info-tour organized to Chinar Hotel & Spa Naftalan (PHOTO)

Society Materials 4 July 2016 13:17 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, July 4


Innovate approach and new services were presented related to the medical tourism.

In between of 2-3 July, 2016, Synergy Group, Ata Travel and Health and Thermal Tourism Association organized info tour to Naftalan based Chinar Hotel & Spa. Azerbaijani media representatives and tour companies were taking part at this event.

The main aim of this info tour was to introduce health and medical tourism of Chinar Hotel & Spa, as well as advocacy of medical tourism.

Firstly, media and tour company representatives were introduced with diverse opportunities and extra-ordinary medical procedures which are in implementation of this renovated Hotel for the last 5 years.

Effective treatment and healing Naftalan

Currently, the Hotel is composed of medical and hotel components. Within the medical part polyclinic, diagnostic, physiotherapy & SPA centers are in service. The polyclinic carries therapy, neurology, cardiology, dermatology, dietology, gynecology, urology, ear-nose-throat treatment and stomatology rooms. For the Naftalan treatment, the new comers initially pass through the polyclinic diagnosis; in order to evaluate and check if their health conditions can afford it. In case of anything not contradicting with the Naftalan treatment, patient is allowed to go through.

The diagnostic center of the Hotel holds the best and innovative technical resources; including modern digital rentology, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, echo-doppler and medical lab.

It should be also mentioned that at physiotherapy center at Naftalan Chinar Hotel & Spa, it is possible to get therapy at therapy, electro therapy, magnet therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, magnetic therapy, shocking therapy, hydro therapy, medical massage and traction. There are also 28 Naftalan bath at therapy department.

Through the centralized system, the bath is filled with Naftalan oil bath at 36-38 degrees. The patient enters to the bath with supervision of doctors. If the patient does not feel good during the bath, he/she can deliver message to doctor via specialized electronic system. The entire bath is composed of 10 minutes. Afterwards, patient can deliver shower.

Normal treatment period with the Naftalan oil is 21 days. It is required to have 12-14 baths in this period. The Naftalan oil helps treatment of more than 70 diseases, including nerves, ear-nose-throat, urology, gynecology, periphery vein, etc.

Chinar Hotel & Spa in Naftalan is composed of 20 ha. The outside areas is composed of green space, as well as pave ways, benches, sport center, kids playground center for guests. Also, outdoor statues by sculptor Azad Aliyev provide furhter beauty for the garden. The statues reflect transportation and treatment of Naftalan oil in ancient times.

Number of foreign visitors to Naftalan is increasing

Later on media briefing covering activities of hotel was conducted for info tour participants.

During the conference General Manager of Chinar Hotel & Spa Turgay Ari mentioned that “the Hotel is renovated and in exploitation of guests as of 2011. It is already 5 years that we are in this business. On average 10.000 people visit us. As of now, we have hosted more than 50.000 guests. And the number of guests is increasing on a daily basis. We have a stong basis in Azerbaijani health tourism and we aim to consolidate our reputation and increase number of guests. For this reason, we are implementing various innovations and campaigns. Even, cooperating with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.” Furthermore, he mentioned implementation of efficient packages for attracting further guests. For example: 2 weeks of package, including medical treatment and 3 times food, is only 59 manat per day.

We aim to be leader of the market by increasing sales of competitive tourism goods

Head of Health and Thermal Tourism Association Ruslan Guliev mentioned that the role of media on promotion of tourism has significantly increased: “ Media puffs up novelties and problems of turism sector, informs society and relevant bodies. Also different decrees and decisions by the President stipulate the development of touism sector and this causes qualitative changes in this sector”.

R.Guliev also said that recently several bodies have seriously contributed to the development of tourism sector as well. Especially Ata Travel assist in development of tourism. Also we can mention training of young staff, organizing info-tours within the country and abroad, involvement of foreigners to these actions, etc. Guliev also indicated the fact that this Hotel plays an important role for allocation of time to extra-ordinary activities internally.

Lots of activities have been conducted in the UAE, Russia, Europe and Kazakhstan for attracting tourists. Currently, we are heavily working on Turkish, European and Gulf regions. The aim is obviously to be leaders of the competitive global market in sale of this product. Herein, it would be important to have support of the government, including tax vaiwe policies. Preparation of roadmap will obviously create a positive impact for development of tourism in the upcoming 15 years. It was also mentioned that Azerbaijan carries an excellent capital – safety and security. Lots of countries carry such problems which do create a challenge for tourism, yet, we can utilize this condition as our primary asset.

Later on head of Naftalan Cultural Department Mr Zohrab Adigozalov mentioned that we are located 330 km from Baku. Our airport will be launched for construction from the next year. Also, “distance to Ganja airport is too close. It is important to bring back and increase reputation of Naftalan with 10.000 inhabitants.”

It was also mentioned that 20.000 people visited Naftalan the previous year, where 4800 people were foreigners. During the first 5 months of 2016, 5000 tourists visited and number of visitors increased by 1200 people in comparison with the previous year period. From January until May of this year, 900 people were foreigners.

Head of Communications department at Ata Holding Mrs. Dilara Zamanova stated that Ata Travel is providing support for further development of tourism sector in Azerbaijan. We are organizing various info tours for foreigners in Azerbaijan, as well as organizing info tours for other countries. It is on our mission to intensive our work in this field.