Biggest dream – to enter BHOS: student (PHOTO)

Society Materials 23 May 2017 11:21 (UTC +04:00)
“My biggest dream was to earn high score to enter Baku Higher Oil School,” says Mahira Asadzada.
Biggest dream – to enter BHOS: student (PHOTO)

“My biggest dream was to earn high score to enter Baku Higher Oil School,” says Mahira Asadzada.

Mahira Asadzada was born in Baku on August 27, 1999. She went to a primary school №40 in the Lachin district, and then she entered secondary school №162 in Baku. Mahira was always receiving high marks, and was taking active part in all school activities including academic competitions, and social, cultural and sports events. She was repeatedly awarded diplomas and appreciation certificates. Having earned the highest score (700 points) at the entrance exams, Mahira chose Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) to study Process Automation Engineering.

– How did you manage to earn 700 points? Do you think someone needs to have a special talent? Or is it just a bit of luck?

– Of course, you need to work hard to obtain such a result. First, I selected a goal, and then started to work to achieve it. I do not think that sheer luck can guarantee the success. To get 700 points, someone needs to have a talent, knowledge and persistence, and only then luckiness may help. I also would like to say that studying last year or two at the school would never be enough, as you need to dedicate all your efforts to study well to obtain solid knowledge.

– How did the exams go? What impressions did they leave on you? What would you tell about the time before and after the exams?

– Before the exams I worried as any other prospective student. I have to add, though, that I was not very nervous. I worried about the results of my schoolteachers’ efforts and my own thorough preparation to the exams. That is why I felt responsible. After exams, I was looking forward to good results and the high score.

– Why have you chosen the BHOS and this particular field of study? What goals have you set?

– The Higher School provides great opportunities to students; BHOS graduates are highly skilled specialists. I believe that studying at BHOS is the best option for me. I also think that other prospective students with high points will select this higher educational institution, too.

– What is your biggest dream?

– Before the exams, I wanted to earn high score to be able to enter the BHOS. Fortunately, this dream came true. Now I want to be as successful in my study at the Higher School as I was at the exams.

– How do you see yourself in a few years? What are your plans for future?

– I believe that my current achievement is just a first step to my future success. In a few years, I want to see myself as an excellent engineer. I would like to be a true professional to be of benefit to my country and the people.