In 2021 world experiencing strong change - former president of Romania

Society Materials 7 April 2021 13:15 (UTC +04:00)
In 2021 world experiencing strong change - former president of Romania

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Apr. 7


We are working on the project focusing on rebuilding the world with COVID-19, former President of Romania, Member of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center Emil Constantinescu said, Trend reports.

“But now I would like to think from the perspective of Nizami Ganjavi and how the world would be like after the pandemic. It is brought more honor and a challenge to speak today of Nizami Ganjavi and join his personality with the current events as a man passionate with legacy and history I am sure that should Nizami Ganjavi have lived today, he would have been highly intrigued by what is happening around us. He would most likely have seen, it as an intellectual challenge and would have certainly raised to it appealing to the values that Ismail mentioned, in the beginning: peace, freedom, justice, prosperity. All under the guidance of the mighty providence, that Madame Vaira Vike-Freiberga and Rovshan Muradov just evoked. In 2021 the world experiencing a strong change in perspective on account of the pandemic which modified the way we felt about everything around us, in the world of the poet Nizami Ganjavi,” he said.

“2021 is facing a pure fight between the good and the bad leaving behind death and grief. The pandemic, which has not yet finished erased in front of us a series of questions to which one can only have tentative answers. There are geopolitical and geostrategic shifts that need to be taken into consideration as scientists and continents strive to adapt to the changes enacted by the pandemic. Its influence was immense as it imposed a reorganization of power instruments in the form of a new resilience program to be implemented as soon as possible to try to carve the damage the European Union was the most visible in that perspective and others soon followed. But we must hold our enthusiasm as in any crisis the immediate solutions are not necessarily the best ones for the long term. When the pandemic took to the center stage it left everything, we dealt with in the background. These issues – hunger, migration, poverty, social inequality, human insecurity were augmented by the lack of involvement of governments as they struggled with the effect of COVID-19. There have been severe setbacks registered in the approaches towards sustainable development goals,” Emil Constantinescu said.

“Nevertheless, the goals are all the more actual. In order to raise proper individuals, we need to educate them from an early age to provide food and comfort to them and bring them up in a secure environment,” Constantinescu noted.

“Today when the world is turned between conflict and disease, it is all the more difficult to do that. As a result, we need to join forces to struggle to reach a state in which humans come first and other interests second. It is hard but not impossible and I am sure that my fellow panelists agree with me as in their position of head of state and government they were also done by this dilemma: how to protect the individual and not harm the state. What would have Nizami Ganjavi thought about our actions today?” he added

“We need to do an exercise in imagination to force is that. He would have probably used humanity as a general denominator for all our actions and his most dear terms were peace, tolerance, and understanding among people. It is high time we learn from him. If we have forgotten that humanity is what drives us in all our endeavors the pandemic was a sharp reminder of it. Therefore, let us use this brief but poignant lesson in the humanity of the past year and have humanity at the center stage of all our actions,” Constantinescu said.