I stay open to weigh offers from Russia, Türkiye - Azerbaijan's Zira FC head coach (VIDEO)

Society Materials 19 April 2024 14:09 (UTC +04:00)
I stay open to weigh offers from Russia, Türkiye - Azerbaijan's Zira FC head coach (VIDEO)
Vugar Imanov
Vugar Imanov
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 19. If there are offers from Russia or Türkiye, I will weigh them, said Zira FC head coach Rashad Sadygov, Trend reports via Idman.biz.

"As the season comes to a close, we feel increasing pressure, but both players and coaches are working hard to withstand its impact. Our next match is against Neftchi FC, a team that is progressively developing with each game, as proven by their confident performance against Araz-Nakhchivan FC in their most recent match. We are now tied in the standings, separated by a single point. Our goal is to give it our all, have a good result, and win. However, forecasting the outcome is difficult since we anticipate meeting a powerful opponent—a seasoned team managed by an experienced coach," Sadygov said, commenting on the preparation for the match against Neftchi FC in the 31st round of the Azerbaijani Premier League.

He mentioned that his team dominated in the last matches held at the Neftchi Arena.

"We missed out on capitalizing on our opportunities, while Neftchi FC seized their moment and secured victory with just one chance. Overall, the home match that ended in a 1-1 draw proved to be particularly challenging for us. Predicting matches against Neftchi in advance is always a daunting task," the Zira FC head coach emphasized.

He mentioned that there were occasions when his team didn't clinch victory, yet he remained content with their performance on the field.

"We followed the same program and put in the same effort. There were instances when we didn't secure a win in meetings, yet I found satisfaction in our performance. Conversely, there were matches we won, but I wasn't pleased with the team's display. As a coaching staff, we can't hinge our satisfaction on a single outcome. Thus, we focus on analyzing the match and rectifying gameplay issues even before the result. If the game was strong despite the outcome, we aim not to unsettle the players. However, no matter how much we contemplate these moments, the players' morale is inevitably swayed by the result. Nonetheless, we persist in the tournament, battling for medals," he said.

Speaking about Araz Abdullayev's return to the field, Sadygov noted that this player's talent is known to everyone, but he lacks focus.

"Abdullayev's talent is known to everyone. He is a good football player if he concentrates on the game. He can benefit any team. It is enough for him to pay attention to soccer and be attentive," he added.

Sadygov further touched on the topic of his transfer to another club.

"To be honest, being a footballer, I didn't think about any offers from outside the country, but when they came, I tried to evaluate them. A coaching career is a bit different. You can think about the transfer if there is an offer from Russia, Türkiye and other neighboring countries," said Sadigov.

The coach also expressed his opinion on the possible increase in the number of teams in the championship.

"Every decision carries both positive and negative aspects. For instance, if the number of clubs doesn't increase, we risk losing a team like Gabala FC, with uncertainty about its return to the Premier League in the coming year. Conversely, sticking to a policy where no one leaves and no one stays may also prove unsuccessful, as it hasn't significantly boosted the league's appeal in recent years.

Introducing two teams from the lower league could potentially alter the championship's structure and dynamics, although its effectiveness remains uncertain. Additionally, we must consider whether these teams are prepared for top-league competition. Personally, I don't believe we're ready for a 14-team system; ideally, I envision our championship comprising 18–20 teams playing two rounds.

While this transition may be inevitable, I believe we're currently moving in the right direction, with a gradual increase in the number of teams without compromising quality. Ultimately, any decision must prioritize the well-being of our soccer and clubs, and I trust that Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA) management will spare no effort in advancing our soccer," Sadygov concluded.

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