Participants of Azerbaijan's NGO cooperation forum address President Ilham Aliyev (PHOTO)

Society Materials 25 June 2024 14:01 (UTC +04:00)
Participants of Azerbaijan's NGO cooperation forum address President Ilham Aliyev (PHOTO)
Aslan Mammadli
Aslan Mammadli
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ZANGILAN, Azerbaijan, June 25. Participants of the Forum for Cooperation among Azerbaijani NGOs held in Zangilan have sent an appeal to President Ilham Aliyev, Trend reports.

The appeal reads:

"We, the leaders of public associations participating in the Azerbaijan NGO Cooperation Forum, highly appreciate your consistent and purposeful activity in the name of the "green" world.

The logical consequence of your policy is that nowadays Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur, liberated from occupation, are turning into paradise; these territories are simultaneously declared zones of "green" energy.

The fact that the international community unanimously delegated the right to host COP29 this time to Azerbaijan clearly demonstrates the great respect and sympathy for your green energy policy, which urges the world to act in solidarity.

The active work of Azerbaijan, as a COP29 country, to provide global support for small island states at risk of being submerged by climate change has further increased the attention of developed countries towards Azerbaijan.

Over the past few months, public activists and 367 NGOs from 71 countries, addressing various joint statements in connection with COP29, have expressed strong support for Azerbaijan's struggle against global climate change, 62 of which are from developed countries, which is a vivid demonstration of this," the appeal reads.

Azerbaijan, as a member of the OPEC+ platform, is setting an example for the world of how oil- and gas-rich countries should take the lead in addressing climate change issues.

Large-scale green transition projects have already been launched under your leadership. Within the next 6 years, Azerbaijan's solar and wind energy capacity will amount to 5000 megawatts (5 gigawatts). It will be possible to export 4 gigawatts of green energy to Europe. Proven reserves of offshore wind energy amount to 157 gigawatts. This clearly demonstrates the green energy potential of Azerbaijan.

In the context of global warming, Azerbaijan is sending a wise message to the world that the catastrophe caused by global climate change can be prevented only with global solidarity.

We, representatives of the civil society of Azerbaijan, stand with you, we are with you, and we are proud of you.

The ongoing forum in Zangilan, jointly organized by the NGO State Support Agency and the Azerbaijan National NGO Forum, was predominantly focused on environmental issues, with two out of three panels dedicated to this topic. Following the discussions, we reached a common conclusion: your new energy strategy based on green thinking will bring even greater victories to Azerbaijan in the coming period!

You, as the victorious leader of the victorious nation, have raised Azerbaijan to a new stage of development.

We are witnessing large-scale construction and reconstruction works in Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur.

Regrettably, during the occupation by Armenia, Azerbaijani lands were contaminated with over 1.5 million mines and unexploded ammunition. Nowadays, you are carrying out great work on demining the territory and protecting the environment.

We are absolutely sure that the day will come when you will declare Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur a mine-free region.

By adopting "The Solidarity Appeal of Azerbaijani NGOs for a Green World," we express our full support for your policy and wish you success in your tireless activities".

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