Press Council to submit appeals by journalists suffered during last rally to law-enforcement bodies

Society Materials 28 November 2005 15:00 (UTC +04:00)

Many journalists were imposed to pressures during the incidents after the opposition march-rally last Saturday, Aflatun Amashov, the chairman of the Press Council, told Trend.

Amashov said that most journalists imposed to pressures were those not-worn special clothes distributed them during the action. However, 5 journalists worn special clothes also suffered. “Some journalists were imposed to physical pressures, while others suffered from gross treatment. It ought to concern not only us, but also the law-enforcement bodies. Press Council is against the pressures on journalists at any case,” he underlined.

According to Amashov, the Press Council is going to collect relevant documents on the appeals by journalists and submit to the law-enforcement. The Press Council cannot achieve proper investigation into the pressures on journalists, made during some actions held this year. “One of the major obstacles are put by journalists themselves. In many cases they decline from producing relevant documents, explanation to the Council and appropriate bodies. It leads to definite indifference in the bodies investigating the cases,” Amashov said.