Prosecutor demands greater penalty for members of Al-Qaeda

Society Materials 18 April 2006 12:43 (UTC +04:00)

At the process held April 17 in the Court for Heinous Crimes on the case of members of Al-Qaeda organization, the prosecutor has demanded the penalty for accused, trend reports with reference to Abid Abdinbekov, chief judge at the process.

The prosecutor claimed the accusations brought by Azeri forensic bodies against 16 members of Al-Qaeda have been proved in the court.

The accused, including citizens of Russian Federation of Chechen descent, as well a citizens of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Yemen, are charged with deliberate murder of people in Azerbaijan, establishment of illegal military groups, wield of unregistered firearms, resistance to public agents, illegal crossing of borders, terrorism, document forgery, etc.

The prosecutor demanded the court sentence Arif Gasanbekoich Gadjiyev to life imprisonment, Emil Agil oglu Gadjiverdiyev to 11 years of jail, and Hamdam Muhammed Ahmed Salem, Gadji Ibrahimovich Jankayev, Abdulla Magomedovich Abdulkermov and Shirin Sadri oglu Aliyev to 8 years, Aslan Gasanovich Berkov, Isa Azrailovich Islamov, Karanay Zaulbasarovich Abdulgamidov, Arsen Yunisovich Gaziyev, Yembek Yunaitovich Asadullayev, Dalka Faruk Selami, Dalibashlar Mustafa Ahmed, Inan Emin Ahmedov, Hayal Seljuk Husn and Karakash Juma Shikhimamin to 7 years of jail.