Court Investigated Contradictions in Zakir Nasirov`s Testimonies

Society Materials 17 October 2006 17:44 (UTC +04:00)

Today, on October 17, the Court for Serious Crimes has learned contradictions in Zakir Nasirov`s testimonies. The legal proceedings on the criminal case of Haji Mammadov and his gang are being held at the Court for Serious Crimes, presided by judge Ali Seyfaliyev.

At the beginning of the today's hearing, Zakir Nasirov answered questions of the victims. Ismayil Kazimov, father of Murad Kazimov who was kidnapped by Haji Mammadov and his gang asked Mr. Nasirov to make things clear in several questions. Ismayil Kazimov says: After our telephone conversation connected with the kidnapping of my son, the kidnappers called me. I suspected that it was you who had told the kidnappers about our telephone conversation. My suspicions grew after my son was released, as you had not called us to learn how things with us are. Zakir Nasirov replies: Should I really learn about the destiny of former captives? In 1995, my cousin was also kidnapped. But no one deigned to learn about his destiny then.

Then Adil Pashayev, a brother of Director of AzerNaglSanayya Nazim Pashayev who was kidnapped and then killed by the gang members gave a few questions to Mr. Nasirov: After my brother was killed, several persons called us and told that he is alive, but required money for the further information. In Moscow we handed money to these persons, but they did not return our brother to us. Knowing the right persons, we found these people in Moscow, delivered them to Baku, and handed over to the Department for Struggle against Organized Criminality. But, three days later we were told that Zakir Nasirov had released them.

Mr. Nasirov pointed out that he is not aware of this fact. Someone used my name. he told.