Georgian Environment Protection and Natural Resources Minister: Azerbaijan Will Help Georgia to Recover Livestock of Chamois

Society Materials 14 February 2007 17:00 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia intends to recover its livestock of chamois herd with the help of Azerbaijan. Davit Tkelashvili, Georgia Environment Protection and Natural Resources Minister, informed Trend Correspondent that this is one of the key aim of his trip to Baku.

The Georgian Minister confirmed that his two-day visit to Baku had been fixed to February 20, 2007 by the invitation of his Azerbaijan counterpart. There is no chamois in Georgia today at all. They were annihilated by poachers many years ago. We have a preliminary agreement with our Azerbaijan colleagues, who pledged to present a certain number from the herd to us. These chamois will be placed in Georgian reserves, including the Lagodekhi one. The exact number of the individuals will be determined during my forthcoming visit to Baku, said the Georgian Minister. He said that the issue on delivering them to the country had been already settled, since it would be sponsored by the World Bank (WB).

The Georgian Environment Protection Minister also said that the issue on the joint activity on the bordering territories where the reserves are situated would be discussed during the forthcoming negotiations as well. We are also planning to conduct a monitoring of the Alazani River, which runs both the Georgian and Azerbaijani territories, he said.