Permission not to be required to build private houses in Azerbaijan

Business Materials 25 July 2011 18:28 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 25 / Trend A. Akhundov /

The facilities will be defined while preparing the Code of Construction and Urban Development in Azerbaijan. A special permit must be obtained to build them, deputy head of the "Administrative and military legislation" of the Azerbaijani Parliament Sayyad Karimov told Dasınmaz Emlak, issued by the State Property Committee.

"First and foremost, these are the facilities of the first and second levels of responsibility," he said. "For example, these are high residential buildings. The permission will not be required to build private houses. Earlier, the permission was required from the executive body to build a private residential building. According to the new Code, it will be required to inform the relevant bodies."

However, this applies only to the 12-meter-private homes up to 3 floors.

"For example, if a person wants to build a house, he presents a project together with the certificate to the body, which currently issues permits," he said. "That is, a person informs the body, which grants permission, that he intends to build a house according to this project. This body considers a project and checks it for compliance with a town-planning plan. If there is any claim to the project, they must be presented to its owner within 30 days."

He added that the claims to the project do not mean a ban on construction.

"These claims must be based on specific design and construction standards," he said. "A statement is prepared on the basis of these claims. After its fulfillment, a citizen will begin constructing. If there are no claims within 30 days, a citizen may begin constructing."