Some $68.5 million in embezzlement cases in Iran

Business Materials 30 August 2013 19:19 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku Aug. 30 / Trend, N. Umid

Some $68.5 million of embezzled assets from Iran's Foundation for Martyrs and Veterans Affairs has left the country, Afkar news portal quoted Iranian MP Gholam Ali Jafarzadeh as saying.

He went on to note that, despite claims of the Foundation's officials, the money has been transferred abroad and can not be returned.

Ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad`s administration has been accused in multiple embezzlement cases.

Mohammad Reza Rahimi who served as Iran's first vice-president during Ahmadinejad`s administration has been charged in several fraud cases so far, but according to some MPs, Ahmadinejad used his influence to prevent investigations about his cases in courts.

Late month Rahimi defended newly jailed businessman Yadollah Roozchang the General Director of Khorshid Zarivar Company, saying he is innocent.

Rahimi said that Roozchang is the victim of disputes between government and Judiciary System.
The statement caused Iran's Judiciary System spokesman Mohseni Ejei's reaction, who expressed his sorrow to hear Rahimi's support to Roozchang and his ignorance about the case.

Roozchang reportedly has been charged with money laundering.

On August 25, Iranian media outlets informed that Ahmadinejad`s ally Nematollah Poustindouz who is accused of embezzlement was arrested on the Iran-Armenia border.

According to the reports, he was carrying a significant amount of money when arrested.
Poustindouz was one of the main funders of Ahmadinejad`s presidential campaign in 2009.
He has been accused of $4 billion embezzlement during his management in Saipa Auto Manufacturing Company.

Last week, the Iranian Bahar newspaper reported citing an "informed" source that, Ahmadinejad has transferred some $6.45 million (based on official rate of 24,800 rials per each USD) from Iranian president's bank account to his private university's bank account.

According to the newspaper, the money was transferred to a private "Iranian" university bank account on August 4 - the same day Hassan Rouhani was inaugurated as the country's new president.
The newspaper argued that when the money was transferred, Ahmadinejad was no longer officially president, which means the money transfer was illegal.