Iranian trade ties unaffected by sanctions - official

Business Materials 15 November 2018 14:37 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, Nov.15


Vice chairman of Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, Shahla Amouri stated that the US sanctions have not affected the business ties between these two countries.

The types of commodities exported from Iran make it vital for Iraq to extend their business ties with our country; therefore, sanctions have not yet affected these relations, the vice chairman told Trend.

Amouri also debunked claims with regard to the exchange of local gas and electricity for Iraqi food supplies.

“This is a disprovable piece of news which the head of Chamber rejected as well. It is noteworthy that no imports are made from South of Iran. And as for our exports, an amount formerly containing 500 to 1000 trucks daily, has diminished due to the recent rainfalls and lack of proper infrastructure,” she was quoted as saying.

According to this trade official, Iran has made $6 billion worth of exports to Iraq in the initial seven months of the year that included items such as food supplies, building materials, tiles, and vegetables, besides gas and electricity.

Commenting on the possible impact of sanctions on Iran-Iraq trade ties, Amouri said, “Despite some undeniable complications, our trade continues with Iraq. Iraq definitely depends on Iran for several variables such as easy transport, high quality materials with reasonable prices. So as long as the opportunity prevails, the private sector will stay active in Iraq, and sanctions have not affected these ties up to this point.”