Russian company talks on possibility of establishing regional hub in Uzbekistan (Exclusive)

Business Materials 25 May 2019 14:06 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 25

By Fakhri Vakilov – Trend:

Russian company Motorika is considering the possibility of opening a macro-regional hub in Uzbekistan with a priority on highly functional prosthetics, PR manager of Motorika Anastasia Sadovskaya told Trend in an interview.

In her words, this will allow residents of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries to receive modern prostheses and rehabilitation without visiting Russia. Opening of the hub will reduce customer logistics costs, both when installing prostheses, and in cases of warranty and post-warranty service, she said.

Recently Trend reported that Motorika will supply high-tech prostheses to Uzbekistan.

"Thanks to the cooperation of Motorika with Uzbekistan, government agencies and prosthetic enterprises of the country have gained access to modern prosthetics technologies, and citizens of Uzbekistan have the opportunity to get functional prostheses-gadgets and choose their design independently," Sadovskaya stressed.

Motorika is a high-tech company that has been working at the junction of medicine and robotics since 2015. The Motorika team develops and manufactures individualized, robotic and functional hand prostheses.

The company has more than 1,000 clients in 11 countries of the world. Motorika is developer and manufacturer of upper limb prostheses, namely “Kibi” traction prostheses and Stradivari bioelectric prostheses. In addition, the company has developed a platform for rehabilitation in virtual reality.

Sadovskaya said that the key problem of the medical industry in Uzbekistan is the lack of awareness of modern opportunities in the field of prosthetics and rehabilitation.

“People simply do not know that there are modern dentures that can return lost functionality, that dentures can be bright, colored, with different patterns and nozzles. Even if they find out, they are treating it with caution and distrust,” the PR manager said.

According to her, the next difficulty is the financial side of the issue. Despite the fact that prices for Motorika prostheses are significantly lower than the price of foreign analogues, it is still difficult for many people in Uzbekistan to pay for prosthesis on their own.

The problem of insufficient awareness Motorika solves with the help of the users of the company products.

Sadovskaya states that the company addresses the financial issue in two ways: it holds negotiations with the Social Insurance Fund to implement the project on provision prosthetics free of charge, and at the same time cooperates with several charitable organizations.


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